11 thoughts on “🇺🇸 AMBT In-Game Pictures

    1. the model is already available on tanks gg, that lower plate (100mm) is HUGE, a KV-2 can hit it from all the way across the map despite not having a accurate gun, that’s how easy it is to do hit that thing, it would not work as a HT because you will need to stay away from the frontline to maximize turret protection

      1. Then make it 200mm thick instead🤷🏼‍♂️
        Not like it’s a historical vehicle anyway.
        And even then it’s not like WG cares about historical armor thicknesses.

        1. who’s talking about «historical armor thickness»?

          azq1997 wrote «i still think this thing should be a heavy»

          meaning he believes it’s stats could work as a HT, I only pointed out that the current model is not suited to be a heavy tank due to how big of a weak spot the lower plate is

          WG gave it 100mm and that probably means they do not want to make it suitable to brawling, at most they would increase the armour to 120mm if it proves to be too weak, but since the upper plate is almost horizontal it should be unlikely

          after all only the tanks from the US TT must always have a HUGE weak spot, if not for the cupola tumor then a weak lower plate anything can “slice it” like a hot knife through butter

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