🇫🇷 AltProto AMX 30 – Next Marathon Tank

According to our colleagues from the east, the French AltProto AMX 30 will be the main prize of the winter marathon with a probability of 70%. The challenge should be announced next week.

As in the case of other marathons, this time there will be personal reserves, a 2D and 3D style dedicated to the French AltProto AMX 30, and other prizes.

Extended description:

  • French Tier VIII medium tank with decent penetration and good gun elevation and depression angles. This vehicle has decent dynamics and can take advantage of uneven terrain as it has a solid gun mantlet. However, due to its low durability and weak armor, open spaces must be avoided.

Short description:

  • Good dynamics, angles of elevation and depression of the barrel and penetration.

Historical overview from the game client:

  • In 1958, AMX began developing a new medium tank under the Franco-German Standardpanzer program (Standard Tank). It was supposed to be a 30-ton vehicle with good mobility and a powerful gun. Initially, the project designated Char 30 AP was to be equipped with the French 105mm F1 cannon. During the design work, the vehicle was constantly modified and the AMX 30 was eventually built. The project was discontinued after building one wooden prototype to scale.

15 thoughts on “🇫🇷 AltProto AMX 30 – Next Marathon Tank

  1. that was unexpected, i really thought the wz114 was going to be the choice for the marathon.
    so now i feel like the christmas loot boxes will have the wz114 and the caliban or the bofors tornvagn

    1. WG is taking into account the noticeable rise of the FRENCH community in teh game.
      More and more French players, more and more French teams during the eevenings, etc.

      1. Looks to me like WG finally woke up from the vodka stupor and produced a premium medium that can train AMX 30 crews and is not hot garbage like the AMX CDC. It’s pretty unexpected since most people don’t care about the AMX 30 to begin with.

  2. Even if this is a reasonable tank, at this stage of the game who really cares? I have four French premium/reward mediums and it’s not as though I need another. Unless this is a sign that the French tech tree is about to be given another revamp.

    1. Sadly it doesn’t look like it.

      Weegee wants tank lines with unique gameplay mechanics. The only medium tank line I could see being added to France, is having a tech line of tanks with a playstyle to Char Futur 4 in-game. with the Char Futur 2 being the tier 10 and the Restany tank at tier 9.

      But with a lack of low tier mediums due to them being made into premiums. the only tanks left are the AMX 45t, and a Tier 7 or 8 version of the Sherman FL10 armed with the 90mm F3M. (The F3M was just the original 75mm rebored for 90mm calibur.) it’s fake but at least it’s more real than most of the other stuff we’ve been getting.

        1. The Restany Tank was a 1950’s design that was similar to the FCM 50t in-game, but would’ve used a unique turret rotation mechanism using flywheels to power the turret’s traverse.

          I dont have a Picture of it anymore and the only source I know was from SilentStalker’s blog “For the Record” the pic is now lost. In the picture it was using the AMX 50 100 turret, the same turret the Lorraine 40t uses.

          So basically a Tier 9 FCM 50t with access to the AMX 50 100 turret stock and can Equip the Char Futur turret, or can gain access the the 105mm gun found on the BC 25t and AMX 13 105.

          1. He can’t have the Char Futur turret, the Restany Tank is from 1950 and Char Futur 1977.
            Same for the 105mm, he is too old. I think he can have a 90mm gun or a 100mm gun.

            By the way, I managed to find it thanks to Andrew Hills : https://worldwide.espacenet.com/patent/search/family/009598181/publication/FR1057780A?q=restany

            WG could add a medium branch with :
            8 : Lorraine 40 AP
            9 : Lorraine 40 105
            10 : EPC Projet 2

            Also there is some other candidat for a medium tank :

            Char Candidat n°3. It’s a concept from 1976 who was study during the EPC project. (one year before Char Futur or EPC Projet). The tank weight 25t, he has a 105mm gun with an oscillating turret and a motor with 750hp.
            There is propably a Char Candidat n°1 and 2. But we have no blueprints and no informations.
            Char 30 AP mle.59. An early project of the AMX 30 from 1959. It’s like a AMX 30 1er Prototype with a different hull. I managed to find the blueprints of this one at Châtellerault.

  3. “We don’t have enough tanks for a French MT branch”

    Also WG:
    2 collector tanks (Tier IX and X)
    5 premium Tier VIII (Lorr40, Amx30Alt, M4Rev, CDC, Borrasque)
    2 premium Tier VI (Bret Panther, M4 FL75)

    Yup clearly lacking tanks for a MT line!

  4. Answering to the guys above – WG would not gain as much from a new techtree line compared to what they would gain from selling premiums, their claim that there are not enough tanks for a MT branch (not even full, but one that starts at Tier 6 with the Bretagne Panther for example) is just another lie so they don’t have to say “all we care about is marketing and short term profitability, the rest is optional by now”.

    As for the tank itself, it has great alpha/pen for a Tier 8 med (same 100mm of the Lorraine 40t), it is fast with good engine power, and lol -11 gun depression with a 280-300mm mantlet and an upper plate that is autobounce when hull down. Fans of the AMX 30B should look forward to this thing.

  5. However, due to its low durability and weak armor, However, due to its low durability and weak armor, open spaces must be avoided. must be avoided.

    This is WOT where bushes & Trees disappear never to be seen again whenever the WG Devs ‘fix’ a Map to ‘improve comfortable play’ (or, more comfortable for Heavy Tanks Map

    And where 70% at least of most Maps have >> big huge open spaces middle Map (suicide spaces) << to artificially create much smaller Maps forcing Teams into small controlled brawling areas for faster battles

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