4 thoughts on “🇬🇧 Cromwell B Available on EU

  1. well, the Crombie is still a very good tank at tier 6 – versatile, fast, nice pen, okayish view range.

    only downside would be: its tier 8, so quite often you are forced against tier 8 (with the usual “balanced” prem tanks like Bourrasque, Progetto etc.). at least a Bourrasque won’t be able to onneclip you expect for two highrolls.

    for 13 €, it is totally worth it and you get a zero perk BiA crew on top, which is always nice.

  2. if you go face to face with one of the most unbalanced tier 8 prem HTs in a paper tier 6 med and then start to complain, it is one of the very rare occasions, where it is not the best idea to blame WG.

    use your mobilty, get on its side (if the map allows for it), track him and then happy penning. and there should be tier 8 HTs in your team, too.

    well, in random battles it is possible they prefer to guard the arty – from behind them …

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