Update 1.15: “Garmr” 3D Style for 🇩🇪 Kampfpanzer 50 t Pictures

Style treated as fictional, valued at 4,500 gold. Most likely to be earned in Ranked Battles. Suitable for vehicles: Kampfpanzer 50 t.

— He came again on Wednesday. For some reason, he only comes to our bureau on Wednesdays. That tall, one-eyed engineer that was sent to us from… wherever he is from. He had on him a thick folder with documents, various diagrams, and blueprints. I only saw these papers from a distance, but I believe all the sheets were full of strange formulae unrelated to any data we are used to. And it didn’t look like they were in German, but I can’t be too sure about that. The engineer said that the protection technology he proposed had no equals—’neither in your world, nor in any other.’ He is a strange one. During the day, he walked in the park with his two dogs, but they were a bit too large for dogs, and in the night, he worked in the workshop… Look at the pictures. This is his ‘protection technology.’ When I first looked at what he’s done (and the commission approved it—they just stood there, enchanted!), I got shivers all over me. And how he said it ‘has no equals in your world,’ not in ‘our,’ you see? Who is it, Karl? What do we do with this now?

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