“Hellraiser” 3D Style for 🇺🇸 M60 – Pictures

The style is treated as historical, valued at 4,000 gold. Most likely, it will be obtainable during an event on the Global Map. Fits vehicles: M60

The ‘Do not step over the fence!’ sign—who do they think it’s for? Should they trip on something and fall two meters down on the concrete floor, it’s my responsibility. That’s not even the worst part! The little climbers ruined the machine gun bracket and broke the side vents—it’s getting a bit too much. I spent 30 minutes telling them how unique this vehicle is: It underwent testing, saw action anywhere there was action, was used in special operations, and was lucky enough to not be turned to scrap during the total demilitarization—all of that in color, with references to documents. If only these little rascals knew how we fought for it, how we transported it here… It’s so interesting, this vehicle has seen adventures worthy of three lives. But no, the only question I hear after the tour is \”What’s the Wi-Fi password?\

Ah, youth… Thanks for not putting coffee cups in the gun barrel. Even that’s probably only because it’s too high to reach.

14 thoughts on ““Hellraiser” 3D Style for 🇺🇸 M60 – Pictures

  1. My Type59 had the same pattern. 2D

    but why its called Hellraiser…………….. – cool name generator?

  2. Impossible. A tank skin that is actually somewhat historical? That doesn’t have a G-A-Y color scheme? Wow is this an early April’s Fool joke from WoT?

  3. That wheel on the gun barrel…is this something, they actually did or another WG idea? I have never seen this on any photo.

    1. Incorrect. They used tires from trucks and not a tank roadwell. They placed them on the turret and not on the on the gun barrel. They did the same in America with the M103 during training exercises.

      1. As I said before, it was very common. And is was the roadwheel for the tank and it was placed on the gun mantlet.

        If I could post pictures into here I would show them. I am about to put a post up in the NA forum about the M60 skin and I will put up a few pictures showing this on different M60 tanks.

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