Halloween 2021: Event Guide

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The spookiest holiday of the year is fast-approaching, and the second phase of a special military operation, codenamed Hope, begins in Mirny. It will run for two weeks, from October 28 through November 11, and features new special vehicles, dangerous AI-controlled enemies, and cool rewards for brave and dedicated commanders. But, most importantly, this Halloween, you’ll have a chance to decrypt a mysterious story and fight the monstrous Immortal, the most powerful and creepy armored creature of Mirny. Read up on how to do it!

Mirny: Hope

October 28, 2021, 09:00 CEST (UTC+2) through November 11, 2021, 08:00 CET (UTC+1)

Event Summary

  • Battles take place in Mirny, a recently abandoned town where a major emergency has occurred.
  • Before the battle starts, you can choose from three difficulty levels: low, medium, or high. At the beginning of your combat journey, you can only play at a low difficulty level.
  • Fight as a team or Platoon of up to five players (Recon Squad) in six specially adapted vehicles. Three of them are available instantly, and you can unlock the remaining ones after completing certain progression stages or using gold.
  • Mix team and personal consumables to power up your vehicle. Consider the gameplay of a specific tank and your tactics in battle more effectively, and increase your chances of survival.
  • Fight AI opponents to collect a strange substance known as Mirium to encounter the Immortal and defeat it. Deliver Mirium to a special Collector called Magnus, shown on your minimap, before time runs out.
  • Once Magnus is filled with Mirium, you will be teleported to a new Phase.
  • There are three sequential Phases of one battle at low difficulty and four at medium and high difficulty.
  • Fight a variety of AI-driven armored enemies, each with their own unique behaviors, roles, and attacks.
  • The most powerful opponent is known as the Immortal, and this time, you’ll have the opportunity to fight it in the fourth Phase when playing at medium and high difficulty levels! Your main task is to destroy the Immortal.
  • At the beginning of each Phase, you will receive Anomalies that provide bonuses to vehicles.
  • After completing certain Phases at different difficulty levels, you’ll be able to find out how the Immortal has become vulnerable. Each part of this story is recorded on one of eight Reels. They need to be decrypted one by one, using Decryption Keys you will earn when playing in the mode.
  • The main reward for decrypting all eight Reels and recreating the whole story is the  VII King Tiger (Captured)  with a unique Mirny-inspired 3D style, Nox Tenebris.

Greetings, Commanders! My name is Hope. I am a Senior Researcher in a group of scientists studying the secrets of Mirny. The main problem I’m working on is how to defeat the Immortal. I think I’ve solved this riddle, but more on that later. In the meantime, let me tell you about the place where you will fight, as well as about Phase teleportation and Anomalies.

How to Start Playing

1. In your Garage, choose the Mirny: Hope mode on the battle screen to the right of the Battle! button.

2. Click the event banner in the lower-right corner of the screen.

Difficulty Levels

Mirny: Hope features three difficulty levels: low, medium, and high. You can choose the difficulty level in your Garage before each battle. The difficulty level determines the number of credits and Decryption Keys (more on them below) you earn per battle, as well as the strength of the AI opponents. Plus, the difficulty level affects both the amount of Mirium you need to fill Magnus and the amount you get in battles with enemies.

Difficulty levels open sequentially. The first level is the least dangerous and consists of three Phases. In the second Phase, you will face the Immortal for the first time, but at this difficulty level, you will not be able to fight it.

Complete all three Phases at low difficulty to unlock the medium difficulty level, which consists of four Phases. If you can get to the last, fourth Phase, the Immortal will become vulnerable, and you will have a chance to annihilate it. If you manage to achieve this epic victory, then you will access the third and hardest difficulty level.

The high difficulty level will be quite challenging, even for experienced commanders, so get ready to fight with all your might. It is recommended to play at this level in well-coordinated Recon Squads.

Phase Teleportation and Anomalies

Destroy armored AI enemies to obtain a type of supernatural matter known as Mirium. Mirium will drop for each player individually, so you will see only your own load of matter, and no one else can pick it up—as long as you are alive.

When you spot the Immortal, you will notice it is surrounded by an aura. This aura will gradually sap your collected Mirium. Once your Mirium is depleted, the aura will begin to deal direct HP damage.

Collect Mirium and deliver it to a special Collector called Magnus, depicted on your minimap, before time runs out. Once Magnus is filled with Mirium, your team needs to gather around it within the allotted time, and you will be able to teleport to the next dimension, or Phase. If you don’t reach Magnus in time to teleport with the rest of your team, your vehicle will automatically be destroyed. But this doesn’t mean that the battle is over—you will respawn in the next Phase, albeit with half your HP. You will also lose all your collected Mirium and bonuses from Anomalies.

With each new Phase, the AI enemies will become stronger and more dangerous. But your efforts will be rewarded: The more Phases you complete, the more credits you earn after the battle. Remember that it will be more difficult for you to navigate in each subsequent Phase, so always be on the lookout, and coordinate closely with teammates!

Mirny is an extremely dangerous and hostile place–lone wolves will not survive. Only together will you be able to stand up to your opponents, so create Recon Squads and fight as one close-knit team. You should stick with your teammates even when playing solo for a better chance of victory.

At the beginning of each Phase, your vehicle will receive a random buff, or Anomaly. It will increase your effectiveness in combat and carry over from Phase to Phase. If your vehicle is destroyed, you will lose all your Anomalies, as well as all collected Mirium and alternative shells. Be careful, and build up your forces to have a better chance of defeating the Immortal in the final stage of the battle.

There are nine types of Anomaly in the mode, each of which improves a specific parameter of your vehicle.

Machine Gun
+15% to reloading speed
Hammer Thrower
+5% chance to cause +20% bonus damage
+10% to dynamic characteristics
Vampire Bite
Steals hit points upon penetrating enemy vehicles, recovering 20% of damage taken
Hot Needle
+5% chance to set an enemy on fire
Ceramic Core
+15% to damage caused
–15% to dispersion while moving or turning
+15% to crew performance
Gradually restores vehicle hit points, up to 60% of the vehicle’s max HP

Mode Economy

All shells and vehicle repairs in the event are free. Depending on your performance in battle, you are awarded with credits. Each difficulty level has its own fixed number of credits you can earn for completing each Phase.

Difficulty Level low medium high
Phase 1 5,000 10,000 10,000
Phase 2 10,000 15,000 20,000
Phase 3 15,000 25,000 25,000
Phase 4 30,000 45,000
Maximum number of credits per battle 30,000 80,000 100,000

Personal Reserves, Clan Reserves and WoT Premium Account are not available when playing in this event.

Unravel the Secret of the Immortal!

In Mirny, you will not only fight dangerous armored creatures, but you’ll also learn the backstory of the Mirny: Hope operation—how the Immortal became vulnerable. This mysterious story is captured on eight Reels, which you will receive one by one for completing certain Phases at different difficulty levels. Each Reel contains one piece of video footage, so you need to collect all eight to combine the disparate elements into a single picture and solve the enigma.

But since the information on the Reels is secret, they are all encrypted. To decrypt the Reels, you need Decryption Keys, a special event currency. You can get Decryption Keys in the following ways:

  • By playing in the event, depending on the difficulty level, Phase, damage dealt, and delivered Mirium

Difficulty Levels

Position in Post-Battle Ranking phase 1 phase 2 phase 3 phase 4
(Boss Fight)
Low Difficulty
1 1 2 3 N/A
2 0 1 2
3 0 1 2
4 0 0 1
5 0 0 1
Medium Difficulty
1 1 3 4 4
2 0 2 3 3
3 0 1 2 2
4 0 1 2 2
5 0 0 1 1
High Difficulty
1 1 3 5 5
2 1 3 4 4
3 0 2 3 3
4 0 1 2 2
5 0 1 2 2
  • For completing the daily event mission in special vehicles (more on that below)
  • For free, as part of special bundles with valuable in-game items

Decryption Keys will be deducted at the end of the event on November 11 at 08:00 CET (UTC+1), so you’d better spend unused Keys on decals as there will be no compensation for them.

You can decrypt Reels in any order you like after they are unlocked. For each Reel you decrypt, you will receive rewards: event-inspired decals, Personal Reserves, four unique crew members with 100% trained Brothers in Arms as zero perk, and other prizes.

The rewards for decrypting each of the eight Reels will be listed in the game client, so you can choose which parts of the story to learn first and which prizes you’ll receive for them. The main reward for decrypting all eight Reels and recreating the whole story is the King Tiger (Captured)*. This mighty brawler comes with a striking Mirny-inspired 3D style, Nox Tenebris, designed especially for the Halloween event.

If you already have the King Tiger (Captured) in your Garage, then after decrypting all eight Reels, you will get the 3D style and compensation in credits (2,680,000).

Additionally, you can exchange Decryption Keys for spooky event-themed decals. They were recreated from hand-drawn sketches of a surviving tanker who was part of the first Recon Squad sent to Mirny. These decals seemed to come out of the subconscious of a person who faced the inexplicable in the supernatural space of Mirny.


“The Immortal”


Want to get more Decryption Keys and get your hands on the formidable King Tiger (Captured) with less effort? Get special bundles for gold or real money in the Premium Shop from October 28, available once per account. They contain gold, Personal Reserves, and free Decryption Keys as gifts.

Okay, and now I give the floor to the head of the military operation in Mirny, Colonel Gromov. He will tell you more about the fearsome King Tiger (Captured), special event vehicles, and our work to improve some of the tanks we originally planned to send to Mirny. We later discontinued these projects, but our groundwork has been preserved as unique 3D styles that can be yours.

Greetings, Commanders! It’s time to finally solve the problem of Mirny, and I’ll try to help you with this! But first, a few words about the main reward and the vehicles in which you will go into battle.

Hail to the King… Tiger!

The  VII King Tiger (Captured)  is a Tier VII vehicle with the hull armor of the menacing Tier VIII Tiger II. Thanks to thick armor plates and their angles, it is reliably protected from enemy fire. The King Tiger (Captured) is equipped with a sharp-shooting gun, able to penetrate any opponents it faces when placed at the top tier in a match. Its impressive firepower is complemented by a long view range and good dynamics for a heavy, making the King Tiger (Captured) a coveted vehicle for every commander. And, of course, it is a good credit earner, so be sure to decrypt all eight Reels if you want to park this captured predator in your Garage!

The parameters displayed are valid for the vehicle with each crew member trained to 100% major qualification level. Some vehicle characteristics can be further improved with the Commander’s bonus to major qualification level, crew perks, and skills, as well as special in-game items.

Dark 3D Styles, Spooky Decals, and More!

Plus, you can get your hands on three dark 3D styles for these three great tanks:

Initially, we wanted to send these vehicles to Mirny, so they were specially prepared for survival in the extreme conditions of this sinister place. These tanks are equipped with powerful searchlights, reservoirs for collecting Mirium, video cameras that are resistant to electromagnetic radiation, and other unusual elements. 3D styles can be purchased for 4,500 gold each in the game client.

  • IS-7
  • Leopard 1
  • Manticore

You can also earn an exclusive badge for decrypting all eight Reels. Finally, if at the end of your dangerous expedition you defeat the Immortal, you will be awarded a spectacular medal. Different medals are awarded for defeating the Immortal on medium and high difficulty, so take this chance to get them both!

Tame the Beast

The Chosen One

Hope is the Key to Everything


During each Phase, you’ll face new enemies that spawn at certain points on the map. They will be stronger and more numerous than before, so each battle will be different from the previous one. Explore the mysterious space of Mirny, fight to the last, and don’t forget to arrive at Magnus on time!

Special Vehicles

Six special vehicles have been prepared for the expedition to sinister Mirny. The following tanks will be initially available in the mode’s Garage, each with its own gameplay features:

  • Hornet (the  IX AMX 13 90 ): a speedy and maneuverable light tank with an autoloader
  • Cerberus (the  IX Centurion Mk. 7/1 ): a versatile medium tank with a solid turret and high rate of fire
  • Double (the  IX IS-3-II ): a mighty double-barreled heavy tank with powerful guns and tough armor

You will also have the opportunity to roll into battle in three even more formidable vehicles:

  • Malachite (the  IX T-54 ): a medium tank with a great gun, decent armor, and good dynamics
  • Grenadier (the  IX T49 ): a speedy light tank featuring a HE autoreloader
  • Legio Ferrata (the  IX Progetto C50 mod. 66 ): a versatile heavy tank with a good balance of firepower and dynamics

You can access these vehicles by progressing in the mode and decrypting Reels.

You can also access additional vehicles immediately by purchasing our special bundles using gold in the in-game Store with a special discount. All bundles contain days of WoT Premium Account and feature event vehicles as nice bonuses. You can get these tanks separately or together in a single bundle. The most complete bundle with all three vehicles also includes a Universal Training Manual to boost a crew of your choice.


To increase your chances of survival in Mirny and to fight enemies more effectively, be sure to use special consumables. The event features Team consumables (giving bonuses to you and the entire team) and Personal consumables (giving bonuses to only your tank). Before the battle starts, you can obtain three of the seven available consumables (in addition to the default Turbocharger ability) for credits.

Turbocharger will be available for all event vehicles. It accelerates your vehicle for a limited time and increases the damage caused by ramming. This ability is free and doesn’t take up a slot.

Born Ready!
Provides instant reloading of guns with cyclic or magazine reloading
Cost 20,000
Steals hit points from nearby enemies
Cost 3,000
Emergency Repairs
Instantly restores hit points, extinguishes fire, repairs damaged modules, and heals all injured crew members of your vehicle
Cost 20,000
Sets nearby enemies on fire
Cost 20,000
Energy Strike
Causes damage to nearby enemies
Cost 20,000
Energy Shield
Makes your vehicle invulnerable for 7 seconds
Cost 20,000
Emergency Kit
Repairs damaged modules, extinguishes fire, and restores part of the hit points of allied vehicles within the effect radius
Cost 3,000

Also, by default, all players will have a passive Phoenix ability. It automatically activates and respawns your vehicle after destruction with 50% of its hit points after your team enters the next battle Phase.

The use of all consumables is limited by the cooldown that begins after their effect is over.

When choosing a consumable, consider the gameplay of a specific vehicle and your tactics. For example, if you are going to storm the battlefield in the mighty Double (the  IX IS-3-II ), then Born Ready!, Energy Strike, and Emergency Repairs will help you fight more effectively on the front lines. And if you roll out in the speedy Hornet (the  IX AMX 13 90 ), then the combination of Born Ready!, Pyrokinesis, and Energy Shield will allow you to rush behind enemy lines, deal a lot of damage, and retreat with lightning speed. Experiment with different consumable setups to increase your performance in battles.

Event Battle Mission

A daily event mission granting one Decryption Key will be available. You can complete it once in each of the six event vehicles to receive a total of six Decryption Keys.

AI-Driven Enemies

Each of the AI-driven armored enemies inhabiting Mirny will react differently to your presence, so you will have to use different tactics in different Phases. Know your enemies to win, and get ready for super intense battles.

Object 017-F, code named Hedgehog

Black spherical self-propelled objects, equipped with spikes similar to sea mines. These are characterized with unstable behavior and can attack both in groups and solo. Not armed, but explode on impact with vehicles. They move at high speed, easily changing direction. The relatively knowledgeable behavior of the black spheres implies that they are controlled by something.

Once detected, it is recommended to open fire with all available means of destruction. These objects are not armored and therefore are extremely vulnerable.

Object 000-I, code named the Immortal

Few scouts survived after facing this… tank? Their stories are vague and sometimes contradictory. Some say that the vehicle’s size is no less than a four-story building; others report that the combat vehicle is covered with a red haze that keeps one from determining its size. Some claim that this tank has two guns.

The Immortal bears heavy armoring that, so far, no one has managed to penetrate. Its guns cause tremendous damage—the hulls of our tanks that opposed it were destroyed beyond recognition. However, according to unconfirmed information, the scientists managed to find a possible vulnerability of the Immortal.

Object 0010-M, code named Mosquito

An immobile but deadly colossus stuck in the ground up to its turret. Mosquitoes immediately attack moving targets within their view range and cause devastating damage with their incredibly accurate and powerful guns. It is recommended to outflank these pillars of destruction or attack them from the rear with utmost caution.

Object 0009-H, code named Hunter

An extremely dangerous enemy combat vehicle that stands out for its size and amazing survivability. It is well protected and has only a few vulnerable spots where it can be damaged.

There were cases when Hunters acted in groups of three. Extremely persistent—they pursue their target until it is destroyed.

Object 0019-S, code named Guard

Medium and heavy tanks. In battle, they attack in groups—the more numerous they are, the more aggressively they act. They use quite primitive tactics and therefore are predictable in battle. They pose a threat when they act under the leadership of a command vehicle of an unknown type.

Object 008-R, code named Rabbit

Light combat vehicles that bear the traces of an anomalous effect. They do not engage in combat and retreat if possible. Probably perform the function of scouts. When moving, they leave a fire trail—perhaps they have fuel or lubrication system defects. All attempts to capture a working machine failed—none of those sent to capture one returned. Presumably, they are lightly armored and have high maneuverability.

Object 017-F bis, code named Alpha Hedgehog

A large spherical self-propelled object. The basic characteristics and behavior are similar to those of ordinary Hedgehogs. They cause increased damage. Once destroyed, they shatter into several Hedgehogs.

When detected, the entire squad is strongly advised to focus on destroying it.

Come Challenge the Immortal!

The most dangerous enemy you will face in the finale of your dangerous expedition is the huge, well-armored monster known as the Immortal. Last time, our lack of knowledge didn’t allow us to destroy the Immortal. But thanks to additional research and Hope’s tenacity, we were able to unravel the mystery of its invulnerability. Now, the hunter and the victims have swapped places—complete the low difficulty level and unlock the medium one, where, in the fourth Phase, you will fight the Immortal. Push yourself to the limit and triumph!

The battle with this incredibly powerful monster will unfold on a limited area of the map, and only at medium and high difficulty levels. The Immortal is always accompanied by minions that will try to take your attention away from their boss, so you’ll have to fight them, as well.

The showdown with the Immortal will take place in two stages. After you’ve dealt it some damage, it will retreat briefly before returning to the battlefield. All players destroyed in the first stage of the boss battle will respawn for a second chance to fight the Immortal. The Immortal’s HP will be shown on a special progress bar.

The Immortal has weak spots you need to hit. This is most efficiently done using high-explosive shells, which you can collect from white spheres that drop from destroyed enemies. Stay at some distance from the Immortal and destroy its minions—only then will your chances of winning increase.

Vulnerable spots in enemy armor
In the image below, you can see the approximate location of potentially vulnerable spots in the armor of the enemy codenamed “Immortal.” According to our data, these spots appear during Phase 4, at medium and high difficulty levels. This information has not yet been confirmed. The vulnerable spots can potentially change.

Reaching the final showdown with the Immortal and gathering information about it is already an epic achievement. And if you manage to win, then you can consider yourself a real hero of Mirny!

Special Halloween Connection

Additionally, those who claim the latest Prime Gaming Drop, Creepin’ It Real, will enjoy an extra bonus of 10 Decryption Keys to use during the event.

The package will also include a few Mirny-inspired elements, including a scary outfit (2D style), a spooky decal, and a ghostly medal.

IMPORTANT: If you claim the package and log in to the game after the Mirny: Hope event is over, you will not get the Keys. So claim the package and log in to the game as soon as possible to get even more rewards!

The Creepin’ It Real Bundle is available from October 28 through November 25.


Mirny: Hope features a spooky yet captivating soundtrack that instantly immerses you in the mysterious atmosphere of the sinister town of Mirny. Listen to these incredible tunes and get ready for the most spine-chilling mode in World of Tanks!

Spooky Streams, Devilish Drops, and Creepy Community Activities

Tune in and earn Twitch Drops while the Stream Team takes on the Immortal, or team up with content creators and go on the hunt yourself.


Known Issues

  1. Mirny: Hope is an innovative game mode with new mechanics, stunning visuals, and complex gameplay settings. Players with low-spec CPUs and graphics cards may experience some stability and performance issues (including FPS drops) when running the mode. To avoid them and play with maximum comfort, change the graphics settings in your game client in accordance with the capabilities of your CPU and graphics card. Players with x86 systems with insufficient RAM may experience client stability issues.
  2. The Mirny: Hope mode supports replays. However, unexpected game client crashes and errors in displaying various interface elements when watching replays are possible. Also, rewinding and fast forwarding is not available for replays.
  3. It is possible that on the first day of the game event, the queue times before battle will be longer than usual. If the queue time before a battle in the Mirny: Hope mode is too long, consider playing several Random Battles.
  4. Sometimes, you may encounter short-term freezes and FPS drops at the beginning of a battle.
  5. The Mirny: Hope mode does not support the Anonymizer feature.
  6. You may also encounter some UI glitches when running the mode at a low display resolution.
  7. There is no visual display of Voice Chat activation in the Garage, event Platoon, or team panel in battle.
  8. The number of Decryption Keys on the extended Battle Results screen and in the Notification Center does not include those received for completing the daily mission. The total number of Decryption Keys is displayed in the reward panel.
  9. There can be rare situations when an enemy vehicle spawns under a player’s vehicle when a bot spawn is activated.
  10. In some game situations, players who do not belong to a Platoon may receive a notification that a Dynamic Platoon has been created.
  11. Some players may experience game freezes when bots spawn.
  12. In some game situations, bots can go to the next Phase.
  13. The Notification Center displays messages about a style being credited when event vehicles are credited.

Good luck in Mirny, Commanders! Explore the forbidden town, destroy the Immortal, and get your hands on the King Tiger (Captured) and other great rewards!

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