Halloween 2021: ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ King Tiger (C)

A little sneak peek from our colleagues at wotclue.

The soundtrack game files feature a graphic with the American King Tiger (C) and a 3D Halloween style dedicated to it. It can therefore be concluded that in this year’s Mirny-13 we will have a small set of special missions (achievements / progression system), for the completion of which we will receive the Captured King Tiger.

10 thoughts on “Halloween 2021: ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ King Tiger (C)

  1. They arleady confirmed this in their article and video a few hours ago. Do all the mssions and unlock all the files. Get the Tiger II C with the 3D style.

  2. So the tank they gave away for free to twitch prime members that magically disappeared is coming back again?! Wow-wee WG! You sure r generous!

    1. they didnt give it to twitch prime users….they lend it to them with promise they can keep it in case they break cooperation with twitch…..but then they decided to take the tank away no matter your standing with twitch prime

        1. apples and oranges m8….ofc you can buy it-but when they introduced it,it was thru twitch prime subscription with promise you will be able to keep the tank once their cooperation breaks

  3. I really wished, WG would give it back to twitch users. The tank itself is fine and balanced. I would even go so far as to spend a little money, as long as they keep the price reasonable for a tier 7.

    Cherry on top of the cake would be, if WG would implement the same nation switch mechanic as they did for Rudy.

  4. Not really a sneak peek since the article on the Halloween event is out and available to everyone.

    Also, nice to see WG’s greed is at work again – King Tiger(C) went from a freebie for Prime users to a grind me/pay me premium. Everything as long as it provides $$$ for SerB’s Mars expedition.

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