World of Tanks Plus – Chinese Server

A new type of subscription is being tested on the Chinese server – World of Tanks Plus. What are the benefits?

-World of Tanks Plus is a type of subscription that only works on the Chinese server;
-The subscription is paid on a monthly basis by linking a credit card or other service to the Wargaming account;
-Active subscription allows you to earn up to 500 gold per week (2,000 per month) in Random battles and other battles;
-You can get up to 3% cashback in gold form for purchases in the Premium Shop;
-Active subscription allows you to rent one of the three tanks available on the list for free (the list is updated every month). The vehicles also include the all-new Chinese Tier VIII heavy tank, the WZ-113-II (the selected vehicle can be played for a whole month);
-World of Tanks Plus subscribers will receive a special badge that will be visible on the player’s account as long as the subscription is paid;

-Crew experience bonus;
-Possibility to obtain additional directives;

The price of WoT Plus is around 6€ per month.

This service can be considered the Chinese equivalent of Prime Gaming.

19 thoughts on “World of Tanks Plus – Chinese Server

    1. and battle pass. Any form of monetization they do. Despite the fact battle pass in basically any other game is used for cosmetics and so that there’s no pay to win aspects. For wargaming it’s just another way to rob their customers.

  1. Doing the math (subtracting 1500 gold worth 6€):
    – you get 500 gold ‘free’
    – a few cents cash back
    – rentals
    – minor bonuses

    -Now you have to EARN the gold, so play idk how many missions and if you miss them the gold is gone. So better dont take a break.
    -3% of (lets say) 100$ pack is … 3$ … amazing
    -rentals you might not drive. (BUT this might be a good way to ‘RENT’ those tanks if you want to test them before buying (but then again: testserver?
    -bonuses = use orders or whatever (i still got tons of those

    Overall i…… GUESS if you have no tanks and very little money (starters?)……. why not?
    but for anyone with a prem tank or two in the garage… not really.

    1. Premium account doesn’t give you 2k gold each month and Battle passes doesn’t allow you to rent tanks, tanks that are not even public yet.

      Premium account’s job is to net you extra credit and xp.
      Battle pass job is to allow an access to extra in resources (no gold or fancy actual premium tanks).

      I hope that I answered your magnificent good question.

      1. Not really b/c I wasn’t looking for an answer. It was obvious. 3 separate paid services. It’s a gripe but I’m just glad I gave you an opportunity to show everyone how humble and witty you are. I’m sure everyone in your life appreciates your input.

  2. You do now that wOT is not owned or run by wargaming?
    It’s a separate entity and game. They can and do whatever they like

    1. They’re the reason we have a Chinese TD line. Either Wargaming gave them one or they were going to do it in their own.

    2. Nope, they made a deal with official WG to get the official +1.0.0 patch from the russians
      so they can’t do what they want anymore because it would break their contract

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  4. With this form of pay they want to test reaction nothing more.Why because this subscription it’s what wargaming has in mind for all servers in future.

  5. Six euros/dollars per month, this does not seem like a bad deal tbh.

    Testing on CHN before they implement it in the other regions?

  6. I gues, the main difference is that premium account gives you extra credit income and WoT Plus doesn’t. The possibility to earn gold might seem to be more tangible for some players though. And if it is earned with daily missions, this could incentivize them to play more often, than they would with premium account. Together with lower cost this looks like a marketing trick to keep the server population.

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