WoT: Windows 11 – Initial Information

In preparation for the release of the Windows 11 operating system, we carried out initial compatibility tests that did not show serious problems when playing World of Tanks. However, we continue to comprehensively test this operating system. If you encounter technical issues with World of Tanks when using Windows 11, please contact our Support Team to help us fix it. At this point, we are focused on collecting data about these issues so that we can better help our players in the near future. We look forward to your reports!

8 thoughts on “WoT: Windows 11 – Initial Information

  1. I can’t seem to run world of tanks at all whatsoever on my Microsoft surface pro 8, I am hoping this is some kind of an incompatibility that will be patched out cause this is a newer device? I was hoping to at least run the game on the lowest settings?

      1. My main PC utilizes a RTX 3080Ti, I use three 2k monitors and run the game in 144fps, I still want to at least be able to play the PC version on my new garbage little windows tablet, haha

  2. Hi All,

    I am posting a recent case I have since few hours ego. After few seconds the game is opened (hangar screen) the PC reboots ……

    The following message appears in the windows log:
    The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first. This error could be caused if the system stopped responding, crashed, or lost power unexpectedly.

    ID 41

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