Update 🇺🇸 ASTRON Rex 105 mm – Changed Stats

Note: this news piece is 2 weeks old. I didn’t have time to post it. My apologies. Posting more of these soon.

-Removed the “Hidden” and “Tested” statuses;
-Gold price of the tank changed from 100 to 9,550.

ASTRON Rex 105 mm. Statistics with crew at 100%:

HP: 1 250   1 300
View range: 380 m   390 m

Gun: 105 mm T254A

Penetration: 185 / 250 / 53   190 / 250 / 53 mm
Rate of fire: 5,53   6,09 rounds/minute

Damage per minute: 1 770   1 948
Damage per minute with HE shells: 2 324   2 557
Reload time between autoloader shots: 4,5 s   4,0 s
Complete reload time: 36,22 s   33,28 s

5 thoughts on “Update 🇺🇸 ASTRON Rex 105 mm – Changed Stats

    1. it’s pen was 185mm, that is as much as the T69 which is undoubtedly the most underpowered Tier 8 MT, it was no surprise that it’s pen got buffed

      1900 DPM is also fairly standard on NON-PREMIUM MT’s at that Tier, plus there’s only 1 Tier 8 MT with less than 1300 HP, 1350 is also normal for Tier 8

      despite being a autoloader in it’s true meaning it will have a lower RoF than many non-premium MT’s, some by a whole 2 round different while others about 1.5 rounds per minute

      overall the ASTRON REX will be comparable with a LOT of researchable MT’s at Tier 8 IF it does not get buffed further than this

      1. im sorry to say but you are really stretching the boundaries of the verb “to compare”.

        i dont want to argue wether the ASTRON will be OP or not but what you are doing there is total and utter bollocks.

        you might just as well state that there are tier 6 heavies having higher topspeed that the 279(e) thus it seems to be kind of underpowered. and im not even mentioning the FACT that it has lower alpha than tier 5 artilley ….


        1. how so?
          those are facts, you can check the values for yourself, you will notice it will have it’s strengths and weaknesses, some FREE/RESEARCHABLE Tier 8 MT’s are comparable and/or superior in some aspects while the ASTRON is better in others, however there’s no parameter (firepower/survivability/mobility) where the ASTRON is better in every stat than those FREE MT’s, for example the ASTRON is never better in both top speed and power-to-weight ratio, it is either one or the other

          1. when comparing rounds per minute of non-autoloader and autoloader tanks you are already starting off in a really, really weird way but when saying that several competitors have even 2 rounds per minute more then you are probably talking about tanks with lower alpha damage? i could not come up with more than one that has same alpha and that high of a ROF and that one is ye olde 416 (a tank with -3° gdp and zero armour (we all still love it though <3)).

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