6 thoughts on “WoT – ASTRON Rex—An Unusual Magazine

  1. The Dpm is sub 2000…4s per shot
    20s per Clip unload. 30 reload. 190~ pen with 0.41…

    Who do u use that!?
    Why would you.

    Amx40t unloads 4 in 10s
    Big brother somua is Monster.
    Both are more accurate and have 230 pen.
    And u can still relocate during reload

    List goes on.

    This tank is useless in comparison.

  2. well, current matches show quite good results for the Astrons. partly this will be due to the tank being new, but all in all, it can work IMHO. the clip potential is quite big, though it takes aeons to unload.

    and the cupola may be quite big, but you still need to hit it …

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