21 thoughts on “Wargaming Is Accused Of Money Laundering

  1. Like… It’s kinda… “We all know only 1/10 of Muppets money is put back into the game!”. The Muppets paying for WG pixel crap are actually sending money to an offshore account just because there’s a new “candy” at the premium shop! After 1 year that “candy” is no longer in line with the game horrendous meta and… F** U! Get another WG “candy”….! The current meta is designed to force Muppets to get the latest premium stuff…. Money grabbers!

  2. Lmao imagine taking pride in paying taxes and looking down on everyone else who tries not to pay them. Every single loophole, every single little way for tax evasion is welcome. Launder as much as you can safely, it’s your life, make it as best as possible.

      1. Exactly. Fuckers here take 40-66% of your income. Imagine giving the greedy fucks a single dime lol. Payoneer, online work, good shit.

    1. Yeah! Fuck all of the institutions and services that helped you get to where you are today!
      Only way you’re paying 60% is if you’re making bank in the first place!
      What a selfish twat.

    2. So trying to make your country worse. Less resilient to pandemics, have worse roads, worse public services, worse police, worse economy is good?

      A well regulated economy works better than some anarchy from somalia. It’s better to do business in. It’s better to pay a high tax on high income than low tax on low income.

      But you being 99 probably means you’re young and don’t earn any cash.

  3. Lol, this investigates back to Feb 2021, and our Ukrainian law enforcement agencies has questions to payment processor GlobalMoney and not to WG LLC

  4. Meanwhile all keep ignoring the obvious extortion and blackmail of players who charge back their money.
    And Wargaming breaking the law by selling goods withholding key performance information from their clients.

  5. Not to cut WG any breaks…but I’ll be more impressed when this story winds up in a real business publication, like the “Economist” or the “Wall Street Journal.”

    1. Fuck that twat. He doesn’t even play world of tanks or even world of warships.
      He now got plenty of time to wank over photos of Rita

  6. This a Belarus company, a country that allowed the Russians to use the country to stage their Army for the invasion of the Ukraine

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