Spirit of War Challenge: 3D Style “Spirit of War” for the 🇸🇪 Strv K – Pictures

Style for the Swedish Strv K. Style treated as non-historical, valued at 5,000 gold.

A new group of elements has been added to the filter: “Fictitious Elements” – Styles and fictitious elements that are not likely to exist.

– “The path of war has no end. Nobody remembers where it started and nobody knows where it leads. In this path, the sword has transformed into a musket and arrows have transformed into bullets. Chain mail gave way to plate armor, and this to a tank. From here you can look at the walls of Agincourt and Stalingrad, or the jagged banks of the Somme and the burning fields of Prokhorovka. Pregnant fog over the Poltava and burning hot sands of El Alamein. For centuries, those who walked the path of war became memories written in history textbooks. I hear the voices of millions of heroes who never made it to the end of their path. I stood by them at every moment. I have witnessed pain and despair, but also endurance and courage, bravery and compassion. I am a steel-clad warrior. I am a witness, but also a chronicler. I am … the one who remembers. “

29 thoughts on “Spirit of War Challenge: 3D Style “Spirit of War” for the 🇸🇪 Strv K – Pictures

      1. Entire bundle was $91, I got it at the 5th after grinding tier 9s for like 4 hours. Not super hard missions, just takes time and a bit if dedication (which a lot of wot players don’t have cause they’d rather cry about not getting free shit 24/7.)

        1. Ouf 91-76
          That’s 15$ for the skin alone

          But u can reach easily I think if you are patient and use the given time.

          That’s 21+15 if u want both.
          21 for a 9 heavy seems alright to me.

          Admittedly the skin is the highlight and it looks sad without

          Up to everyone to Decide
          Overall it’s a nice ‘peace offering’ on was behalf.

          Not like anyone has to get it.
          Plenty free 9s in-game
          And free other ‘real’ prems too.

          I drove lowe and t34 so much for so long, they are still most played somehow!!

    1. AHAHAHAHAH ………. looks clock alright you are about………. FIVE YEARS LATE!
      Purple tanks DO EXIST INGAME… so do viking skins… and grafiti… and literal G I JOE … (which i own)

      and this one, strikes a modern yet simply elegant note i very much like.
      I mean if its not metal enough for you there is KV2R and BDR in WARHAMMER 40k style 😀

      I could sit here all day and list all the skins. camos. 3D skins. and color combinations you can throw at your tank but you know: thats why they put the “historical only ” option ingame so you dont have to be sad :))

      I will buy it twice, just for the sake of it 😉
      Hope we get more like that. Not a fan of those boring historical brown/green things with giant MGs strapped to the turret. ugh. is this warthunder or wat

      1. I’m really hoping they do more styles with lights and shit, especially for this coming Christmas, cause my pz7 and udes 15/16 look amazing with them.

      2. People like you are responsible for the clown camos, I see. If that’s your taste, why play a historical tank game? Why not play fortnite or lol instead?

        1. HAHAHHA , WOT is not a full historical tank game. It is an arcade tank game which is doing a nice job and tries to be historical as it is possbile.

        2. Fucking 50 year old vegetable unironicallu thinks wot is historical, that’s funny. Game is an arcade pvp shooter, not ww2 sim 2021, and following your logic and applying it to other games, I guess csgo shouldn’t have weapon skins cause it’s unhistorical to put some nice looking black and red paint on an ak47.

          People like you are the reason why instead of nice things, we get shit like the rino, or the terrible nation specific camos, so please do the community a favor and fuck off to war thunder.

    1. People who aren’t boomers who don’t complain when wg makes a style that isn’t hyper realistic and historical, so most people.

        1. Says a retard who probably goes soyjack ape shit when they see a deal for something like the skorp g or defender and insta buys it.

          1. No we are Europeans not spack head Americans. Kind of says it all when people likeyou pay for this crap every day.

            1. Implying Europe isn’t war gaming’s most lucrative server with some of the worst players who spend literal thousands on the game every year, what a shitty half baked comment.

              1. Just to remind you all. Without the paying player base there would be NO World of Tanks, so to all players you do not pay anything in WOT. Be thankfull to the paying players so that YOU can play without invensting any money. Think about that

              2. No, we just don’t need you Yankee soy boys thinking the entire world revolves around your pathetic NA server.
                Go follow your leader circonflexes and fuck off.

      1. Go cry in a corner you 12 year old twat. Efing age rager. Grow the f up.

      1. It’s a really good skin, not as good as my Christmas skins on the pz7 or the udes 15/16, but the animation and effects upon loading into battle and in game def make it almost as good.

  1. got the tank complet farmed for free, for the sake of the beautifull camo, then realised i have to open my wallet for 15$, not gonna happens, as wg pushing for more crap like Crew 2.0.. no more support from vets like me (play since the beta).

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