31 thoughts on “Supertest: πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ Caliban – Changed Stats

  1. Wargaming should no more introduce in game autoloader tanks that today are too many in game and calibrated the rest of autoloaders according with the rest of tanks.

    1. Did you see the base stats, it’s legit a meme tank at best, kinda like the kv2 but british. If they want it to be an actual decent tier 8 thou they’re gonna really need to hard rework and rebalance it.

  2. Make it 1 shell only, 90 degrees gun arc lock (for balance sake), 25s reload, with ap being main (nerf to 260mm) and hesh 210mm as premium, 3.4s aim time 0.42 accuracy, and set it as premium td instead of heavy tank. Voila, mini fv183 in tier 8. Why they cant even think of that? No one will complain if they set it that way

      1. A tank destroyer would be better. Suits the game style better, especially since there are no British heavies with a similar game style. Plus, you could just put your Death Star crew in it easily.

        1. hmm you got me with the death star crew, this was a 3 crew tank if im not mistaken but i guess they can change it to make it work

      2. a HT with 150mm gun will be a disaster, besides we get so many good HTs these days, also they are planning to add another HT heavy tank from British in game called Charlemagne

    1. Why? It’s already balanced with 7 sec aim time and 0.6 accuracy. 30 sec to reload with no rounds, 20 sec if you have one round left and 10 seconds between shells.
      Why make it even better? It’s a meme and it will rarely hit anything

  3. Yet again WG gives content to complain about for us again..

    people receiving damage will be frustrated and people playing this tank will be frustrated hitting small amount of shots.. everyone loses here…

    1. “Tank is broken” worse dispersion than most artillery and an ungodly long aim time begs to differ.

    2. have you seen the initial stats?

      That thing is a big piece of trash absolutely no suprise they buffed it already because they for sure have been crushed while trying to play this
      This gun is a joke and even the alpha is a joke for these gunstats probably they could give it 1200 and it still wouldnt perform good using the he
      KV 2 can oneshoot kill same tier and the gun is so much better in stats you cannot even compare

      increase dispersion values at least to kv 2 level and it might work with 210 he pen maaaaybe

      1. This tank reminds me of little Mac in the early days of smash 4 where everyone thought he was broken and then it just turned out he was shit, difference here being this will actually most likely get buffed considerably.

  4. Crew 2.0 comes in November and this tank will be Xmas loot boxes in December.
    But then I think Tiger ii is the best tier 8 available

    1. Crew 2.0 is on hold again as they’re gonna rework it for a 3rd time, hopefully they make minor tweaks to it like increasing the point limit to 100 with less of a grind till after you hit max level, as well as reworking some of the perks and the special talents you can get cause God damn were some of them useless/an actual hindrance to your performance in game.

      1. Crew 2.0 would be alright if they entirely removed the stupid prestiged levels, removed talents, and removed the unnecessarily complicated skills.

        1. Most the skills were fairly straightforward outside of a couple, and only like two of the talents were useful for very few situations, like the one that increases your hull and turret traverse if you’re going below 40kph, that’s a must have for super heavies. Then you have stuff like like “doubles consumable cooldown but now you can use it like an mmo buff for a short, very useless stat up” and that’s just terrible in a game where losing your ammo rack for 90 seconds is already painful and gets you killed, and you also had shit like like situational bia skills that are insanely stupid and extremely situational. Main thing I do agree on is the prestige bs, that should just get dropped as there’s no reason for it at all when they can just bump up the point limit to 100 instead.

        2. The prestige thing is the one that has to go at all costs, as well as some stuff that is plain wrong (e.g. that skill which lowers bad RNG rolls, that’s just idiotic).

          1. That’s just a good skill what do you mean, it doesn’t just lower bad rng btw, it reduces high rolls as well and it’s entirely on damage dealt. Basically means on a 750 gun you can’t roll for almost 550, but you can’t also roll for almost 950, acts as a double edged sword.

    2. I’m afraid november might be true. Apparently, we have to recruit all our special recruits before November 1st or so (it says so in the garage). this might indicate that WG will drop the deathblow-turd 2.0 on us after that.
      no surprise there. after murdering WoWs with retarded greed and PR incompetence, and with the feds kicking in Kislyi’s door for money laundering soon, they have to squeeze as much €€€ out of the game as quickly as possible before it’s all over.

  5. Autoloaders are too many and are a problem in game today, some people just don’t get it.

  6. My 1 year old boy can do a shit bigger, harder, stronger than this celibrate tank

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