Topography: A New Mode to Boost Your Map Knowledge

Source: EU Portal

Of all the things that contribute to players’ performance in World of Tanks, map knowledge is one of the most indispensable.

Many a player will recall those fatal situations where taking one wrong direction caused them to return to the Garage before they knew it, spoiling both their mood and statistics. Having observed these struggles from new and veteran players alike when getting to grips with maps, we’ve decided to introduce a new training mode: Topography. To get a quick idea of what it is and how it will benefit you, check out the overview below.

What is Topography?

Topography is a single-player training mode where commanders are shown the ropes of map navigation in World of Tanks. The idea behind Topography is simple: You’ll play four different scenarios while learning the “traffic patterns” that are typical for certain maps, depending on the base you start at and the vehicle type you play. You’ll be shown the main routes, key places to seek cover, and many other positions to understand how to avoid being destroyed, as well as how (and where) to use your vehicle to the fullest. All scenarios, including suggested routes, firing lines, and enemy behavior, are based on heatmaps from real battles.

And the best part? For your training achievements, you’ll be generously rewarded!

How Does It Work?

  • Find the mode in the client.
  • Choose a map and one of four scenarios.
  • Enter the battle.
  • Move through the map, following all the hints.
  • Destroy AI-controlled opponents.
  • Get skilled and rewarded!

And now for the details.


Each map has four scenarios available to explore the locations in detail and from different perspectives. Depending on the chosen scenario, you’ll enter the battle either from Base 1 or Base 2 in either a maneuverable or armored tank. Both vehicles are exclusive to Topography, the former functioning as a support tank and the latter an assault tank.

Each scenario consists of several missions. Essentially, all missions are about moving in certain directions and destroying certain targets, the AI-controlled opponents representing average vehicles of relevant tiers. They can only move their turrets, but beware—they can shoot!

All scenarios are time limited. With each completed mission, the time provided for the scenario will be extended. And for playing all four scenarios on a given map, you’ll be granted a special reward.


Throughout your training battles, guidance signs will be popping out along the way to help you through. They are:

  • Base — the point on the map where you will start the battle, depending on the chosen scenario.
  • Navigation markers — white markers showing the optimal direction to the target.
  • Targets — AI-controlled opponents shown as red dots on the minimap.
  • Priority targets — enemy vehicles with a special icon above them. They should be destroyed to complete local missions.
  • Firing lines — upon entering these special zones, you’ll be assigned a “local mission” to destroy a priority target. For completing the task, you’ll be granted additional time.
  • Spotting system — this forewarns you when you’ve crossed the enemy detection area. In this case, the Sixth Sense icon will be displayed along with the corresponding audio signal, and an eye symbol will appear on the minimap.


Currently, Topography is available on 15 Standard Battle maps, with the scenarios varying in difficulty.

Easier scenarios will be available for Tier IV and V vehicles and will be played on:





Mannerheim Line


More difficult scenarios will be available for Tier VI and VII vehicles and will be available on:


Sand River






El Halluf

Mountain Pass

In the future, the map pool will be expanded, and one more difficulty level will be added.

Who Can Participate?

Everyone is welcome! However, since new players need the navigation training the most, preference will be given to them. This means that if too many players are looking to play the Topography mode at the same time, a queue will be activated, and newcomers will be the first to enter.

How Will You Benefit from Topography?

Apart from boosting your navigation skills and in-game performance, you’ll get rewards, including credits, Free XP, and consumables—the latter on the condition that all missions are completed. Plus, it’s so much fun playing World of Tanks when you know the battlefields like the back of your hand!

Please note: The traffic pattens you’ll be shown in the Topography mode are just recommendations. A real battlefield will require you to adapt your route to the situation and play according to your team’s strategy.

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