15 thoughts on “Update 1.14: πŸ‡¨πŸ‡³ WZ-113-II

  1. Assuming that I still care about this game by this time next year…I could stand a less-sucky Chinese premium heavy tank in my collection.

  2. On one hand, I’m happy another nice Chinese premium will show up.

    On the other, it would’ve been nicer if the 110 was buffed, but techtree tanks don’t earn as much money as premiums do so…

    1. and this disparity will grow with Update 1.14.. every Premium gets enough played for the new bonus system and the tech-tree tanks will fall behind.

      1. … will fall behind even further, in fact. Once this and crew 2.0 have been brought into the game, we will be looking at lots of super-charged Progettos, Bourrasques, EBRs etc., with food, bond equipment, the best instructors available, 80 Point Commanders with elite bonus, directives and what not. Fun!

        Expect lots of articles and videos on the WoT website trying to convince us that this is what we have always been waiting for.

        1. i have Progetto, Bourrasque und more Prems and i look forward to that πŸ˜€

          if they would tune down the complete Madness-Timesink of Crew 2.0, i would not hate that system by default.. the new system from Patch 1.14 is complete shit because of the flat bonuses. More character for each tank is a good idea but no further advantages..

        2. TBH I do look forward to the field mods.

          I’m not like most of you guys who have 200/300 tanks in your garages, never been a real collector and never will be, so I see field mods as an incentive to play the tanks I already have and add a few more to the pool, and also as a way to stay somewhat competitive even if I’m not a nolifer.

          As for sCrew 2.0? WG is shifting the game model more towards stuff that appeal to younger and newer audiences – those who’ve grown and are growing with things like mobile gacha and the like and never heard of pre-DLC videogames. In fact, I expect it will be a lot of vets who quit when it goes live, because having 80+8 crews will become mandatory to play Ranked Battles and clanwar with any success.

          Frankly, I’ve never been happier to be a casual.

          1. Your concept is right, but it is also very selfish.

            As you wrote yourself, many old players will stop playing. Why all this?

            Everyone has the right to play, casual gamers and hard core gamers …

            All the needs of all types of players should be taken into account when making major changes to gameplay.

            1. All the needs of all types of players should be taken into account when making major changes to gameplay.

              I was not implying otherwise, you must’ve misread my previous comment.

              Thing is, you should tell this to WG, not me. Whatever makes WG earn more money, they will go for it, the fact that they have to spit in the face of this or that faction of the community does not bother them in the slightest.

          2. Are you being serious? The veterans will get more advantages with crew 2.0, the current crew doesn’t give much additional benefit after the first few skills and along with the better equipment and reward/CW vehicles they have I’m pretty sure casuals aren’t getting any sort of benefit from crew 2.0. The gap between newbies/casuals and vets has never been worse.

            1. True, the disparity between an 80+8 crew and anything below 80 will be massive, but what will the price for that fable master crew be? Ungodly amounts of hours grinding crew exp, or spending hideous amounts of credits on crew books (and then gold for xp conversion since crew books cannot be used for mastery).

              This will be a matter of cost-benefit. Will hard nolifing be worth it when sCrew 2.0 goes live? Time will tell.

              1. I can see what WG are trying to achieve with Field Modifications and Crew 2.0, but I agree with Guesty250 – the gap between casuals and hardcore players will become even bigger, and it is already huge. Wargaming seems indifferent to this problem – just remember the HE and Arty changes in 1.13, which amounted to a direct nerf for free and less-skilled players. Maybe it’s just me, but personally I feel that they are slowly killing the game this way – matches are getting shorter and shorter, players in non-meta tanks put their teams at a disadvantage etc. In my eyes, Wargaming does not have a sustainable design strategy, and WoT will continue bleeding players. There is a reason why they currently have the lowest number of weekly players both on RU and on EU – at least within the available time period of wot-news’ statistic (Source: https://wot-news.com/stat/server/eu/norm/en)

    2. 110 is in supertest for rebalancing:

      The 100 mm 62-100T gun:
      Aiming time from 2.9 to 2.5 s
      Dispersion from 0.38 to 0.36
      Dispersion during movement and on hull traverse:
      The 110 suspension from 0.25 to 0.2
      The 110-1 suspension from 0.23 to 0.18

      Not much, but at least something

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