WoT August Specials (EU)

From EU Portal.

  • Top of the Tree

From August 5 through September 5: The  X K-91  is giving its debut on the Top of the Tree stage. It is one of three top-tier medium tanks in the Soviet tech tree and the sniper of the trio.

From August 20 through September 20: There are many Type 5s, but only one sits on the throne at the end of the Japanese heavy tank line. The aptly named  X Type 5 Heavy  takes the spotlight at the end of the month and in your Garage.

  • General Maintenance

From August 6 through August 9: Are your vehicles ready to fight under the burning summer sun? Make sure the air conditioner in your favorite tanks is working, and all the cooling systems are up to par with a special full of cool rewards.

Consumables to keep you going

  • Crew is crucial

From August 12 through August 16: While others are on vacation and slacking off by a pool, your crew is always ready for battle. Let’s show them how much we appreciate their determination with plenty of crew discounts and a nice XP boost.

Extra XP for every first win

  • Frontline Stage 1

From August 16 through August 23: Frontline, the exciting 30v30 game mode in World of Tanks, will return for a new season. Get ready for Stage 1 and check out the Frontline Guide for all the changes and rewards.


  • x2 Experience multiplier

From August 20 through August 23: “Two is better than one” isn’t just a song by the American rock band “Boys Like Girls”; it is also the basis of this simple yet worthwhile new special. Roll out and earn more XP.

Double XP = Double the fun

Ongoing Activities

  • Tank Wars: Round 4

Until August 2: The epic clash between two popular tanks has entered its fourth round. Put your support behind the French  V AMX ELC bis,  or join the team of the American  V M24 Chaffee . Choose a side, collect points, and earn great rewards! Sign up today!

Which team will you choose?


  • Global Map: Thunderstorm

Until August 9: Dense thunderclouds have gathered over the Global Map, and a devastating storm is ravaging the battlefields. But the truly hardened clans can defy the weather and are fighting mercilessly for supremacy in the provinces. Who will weather the storm, take the crown, and bring home heaps of loot? Check out the Global Map Guide for more details.


  • Battle Pass Season V

Until September 6: Join Jean-Marc Lemartin, Katarzyna Chodkiewicz, and Douglas McReed in their trusted vehicles as they dive deeper into the jungle of South America in pursuit of a dangerous secret. Can they prevail, or will they succumb to the dark forces at play? Follow their journey and collect Battle Pass points for heaps of rewards!


  • Referral Program

From April 27, 2021: Referral Program 2.0: Season 7 is coming to an end. Take advantage—invite a friend to World of Tanks, complete individual and Platoon missions, and collect lucrative rewards! These two Premium reward vehicles will help you dominate the battlefield:

Show your recruit the ropes in World of Tanks, share your best battle tactics, and teach them your best maneuvers!


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  1. Am I missing something here or is there no special scheduled for the last weekend of the month ?

    1. EU have always been petty when it comes to weekend events and disclosing information. End of August should be a tank marathon and possibly Gamescom event (last year it came with tech tree discounts and 50% consumables among other things).

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