26 thoughts on “πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ VK 28.01 mit 10,5 cm L/28 – More In-game Pictures

    1. Step 1: Take the gun out of the game with a bullshit reason – Step 2: Nerf HE – Step 3: Bring the tank with the gun back as “Deserved Reward”.

      I guess we really don’t deserve any better if we are still playing this game.

  1. Would love to see a mass boycott in N.A. servers to show them how much players think their new changes have been. what do you think, 3 weeks or 4 weeks boycott of no play and no pay.

      1. You and what army?

        Don’t get me wrong btw, something like a coordinated boycot really IS what would be necessary to have a real effect, but again – it won’t happen.

        1. Wg no need. two many people always buy every premium tank so what differance if they no play longer now
          Is all these players who buyed every tank is theyre fault
          We say bye go

  2. WHO cares, the whole tank got useless with 1.13, if they don’t buff the pen on AP and HEAT the tank will be useless against same and higher tiered tanks.

    1. Other way is to buff soft stats, accuracy and HE penetration. To be fair, the centurion 7/1 win with the changes will the FVs lost with it. The main reason accuracy, u could aim at weakspot with Cent. but not with the FV

  3. any new info about the possibility of it being a reward like T-50-II or Super Chafee?
    the last 2 major milestones (anniversaries) brought back the top Tier LT’s of pre-physics WoT, this configuration of the Vk 28.01 is the last one left

    1. For the last couple of years around November time they’ve given us a tank for free as long as weve been playing more than 4 years (I think it is). T50-2, Superhellcat, Super Chaffee now this one apparently.

    2. Because players rejected initial tests of things like HE nerf, crew 2.0, etc.Had those things sailed through in their first tests the reward would have been something decent.

  4. AW: So many differnet tanks with a variety of game mechanics, weapons and (non-p2w) ammo types, yet so little time to play them all.

    WoT: So many tanks, so many of them unplayable/powercrept.

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