Update 1.14: Common Test 2 Patchnotes

The test server is live.

Patchnotes CT 2

Main Changes

Field Modification

The new Field Modification mechanic has been added to the game. It allows players to fine-tune technical characteristics of Tier VI–X vehicles with Elite status.

Conditions of Personal Missions for SPGs

Conditions of some Personal Missions for SPGs have been revised due to the rebalance of SPGs and changes to the HE shell mechanic. Details can be found on the portal.

Changes to Technical Characteristics of the Following Vehicles

The following vehicles have been added to the Frontline mode:


  • Т-54 ltwt. FL
  • T-54 FL


  • Ferdinand FL
  • Jagdtiger FL
  • E 50 FL


  • T30 FL
  • M46 Patton FL


  • AMX M4 mle. 51 FL


  • Conqueror FL


  • WZ-111 model 1-4 FL


  • Type 61 FL


  • 50TP Tyszkiewicza FL


  • Strv 103-0 FL

Changes to Parameters of the Combat Reserves

Recon Flight:

  • The cooldown time has been increased to 260/240/220 s
  • The Recon Flight time has been decreased to 15/17/20 s


  • The cooldown time has been decreased to 210/190/170 s

Artillery Strike:

  • The strike area radius has been increased to 12 m
  • The number of bombs has been increased to 22/24/32
  • The deployment time has been decreased to 4 s


  • The cooldown time has been increased to 240/220/200 s
  • The maximum stun duration has been decreased to 10 s

Fixed Issues and Improvements

  • Some localization issues have been fixed.
  • Some technical issues have been fixed.

3 thoughts on “Update 1.14: Common Test 2 Patchnotes

  1. Jagdtiger FL? That tier 8 premium Jagdtiger with historical gun?
    I hope they add the non Frontline version of it to the game too.

    1. No it’s the tier 9 jagdtiger as a rental for people who don’t, for some ungodly reason, have tier 9s

  2. Cyka Blayt!!
    Players are grinding too many credits in FL, even those that dont have prem acc time!!!

    Vladimir!! Mikhail!! Luba!! Yevgeni!!! Drink some Wodka!!! Make a plan!!!

    Cyka Blayt!!! Lets put tier 9 in!!! Next time, Type 5’s and Mauses and Hull Down Chieftains!!!
    Those peasants wont make 200-300k silver per game any more CHA CHA CHA CHA CHA!!!

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