20 thoughts on “🇩🇪 VK 28.01 mit 10,5 cm L/28 In-game Pictures

  1. Ironic that this year’s well deserved reward is a tank w/the nerfed HE rounds. Thanks WOT. I can’t wait to bounce or get 12 damage per shot with a 10 second reload.

  2. I do hope they will give it pretty good gun with some really good HEAT pen, somethere between 105 (standard nowadays) and 150 (as it was back in 2011-2012). So… (105+150)/2 = 128mm pen would be really good. Please don’t make it as bad as the Super Chaffee before the release, thx!

      1. An item can only be p2w if its paywalled behind real money. Gold rounds are available for in game credits that anyone can grind.

        So by your own logic everything in the game is pay2win from tier 1 up to tier 10.

  3. Hey folks! Here is the tank you all would have wanted BEFORE the HE nerf. Yours truly, WarGaming

  4. At least this time they didnt tried to sell us a removed tank like the auf panther and the isu 152k, still after the HE rework this is kinda meh well another free garage slot then

  5. I’m sure I’m not the only one who notices the irony – this was one of the most beloved mid-tier tanks and many cried for it to come back to the game.

    Now yeah, it will be back and we’ll all get it… except its main ammo type will be useless.

    Well, free stuff is free stuff, but I kinda feel like WG is taunting us.

    1. It’s just a plain old mistake.
      Left hand of WG the balancing team isn’t talking to the right hand of WG the sales and marketing team.

      Email people E_M_A_I_L.

    2. Likely intentional. They did not want veteran players playing a strong derp, so they gave away Super Chaffee instead. Now derps are nerfed, so now they can afford to give it away. It will likely be as useless as Super Chaffee and A46. As annoying as that is, at least they aren’t giving away overpowered to good players.

    1. It is. It’s a decent tank I don’t know why everyone hates it so much.

  6. Not going to complain about getting free stuff. But it would be nice to get some tanks for the other step-child nations in this game. Like Czech, Japanese, Italian and Swedish lines.

  7. Before patch 1.13: Hey cool a Derp! After patch 1.13: Ohhh great a derp.

  8. way to go to keep up the tradition of giving everyone the big fat middle finger with these “well deserved” rewards

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