Update 1.13: “Charles Martel” 3D Style for 🇫🇷 AMX 50 B – Pictures

The style is treated as historical, valued at 750 gold.

Available from Season 5 of the Battle Pass.


— Captain Lemartin and his Sand Whirlwind… I need a name for the vehicle. A nice catchy name. A title, like Frankish kings. Captain Lemartin and his Templar. No, not that. Come on, think. We will complete our objective, return triumphantly, and take our place in the history books.

That Polish girl has been looking at me for several days now—I keep catching her eye all the time.

Maybe some animal related to this desert? But what? There are no good ones here, just rodents and bugs. Not good enough. What was the name of that bird that snatched my bread? Captain Lemartin and his Burrowing Owl. Yeah, just great. Very heroic. Just right for the manual for conducting secret operations in who knows where, why, and for how long. Gotta stop thinking about this, anyway. With my luck, there will be some list of all participants with their titles, regalia, and vehicle names, and I will be in the etc. category.

Now I get why she was looking at me like that. I forgot to return her weapon cleaning kit. Just my luck, like I said.

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