Update 1.13: “Błyskawica” 3D Style for 🇵🇱 CS-63 – Pictures

Style treated as historical, valued at 750 gold.

Available from Season 5 of the Battle Pass.

Description: — Dear Papa, if only you could see how rapidly our science has developed. I still tear up when I remember the joy on your face when you managed to rent that small tractor. The whole field in just four days! And how long would it take with a plough and our old mare? You would wonder at the technological progress and imagine what they would make next. Here’s what they made, Papa: I have a small surveillance car on the rear of my tank, and it’s no larger than… than a chest. But the interesting part is that this thing is controlled remotely! I can control it myself from inside the tank. It is my eyes and my hands. Dear Papa, you are long gone, but I am sure you would be proud of me because I mastered technology of the future you would always dream of, but… Also, I named my tank after our favorite mare that would feed the whole family. Do you see, Papa? Of course you see, Papa…

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