Update 1.13: First Public Test Launch Date

If everything goes according to plan, the first Common Test of Update 1.13 will start next week on May 27. If anything goes wrong, the test will start the next day.

After reviewing the test results, we can say that the new mechanics work smoothly and theproblems we had when opening the Sandbox were solved. As a result, redesigned HE shells and changes to SPGs and other vehicle types will enter the game. After additional testing and bug fixes for specific vehicles, these improvements will hit the servers with Update 1.13, which is expected to be ready in June. Before that happens, however, you’ll be able to try out the new mechanics during the Public Test.

19 thoughts on “Update 1.13: First Public Test Launch Date

  1. “other vehicle types will enter the game”

    Other vehicle types? what is that, faster Ferarris?

    1. The whole syntagma is “[…] Changes to SPGs and other vehicle types will enter the game” as in changes to the SPG class, and changes to other classes like heavies, lights, mediums, etc (for the HE rework; KV-2 for example)

    1. Authors left? It was basically only reposting YT for the past year. I feel bad for the few readers there that didn’t hear of TAP…

    2. My understanding is that something ugly happened at a tank-related event involving someone she had trusted and she’s sworn off tanks for the time being. Not sure that it really involved WG, as she’s still streaming WoWs and other games on Twitch.

  2. With this changes the age of Funn Derp Guns is over.
    RNG will now be 50% to anny DERP gun.

    1. Sucks to suck, learn to use actual guns rather than low effort options that make up for no skill

      And in terms of stuff like the 4005, itll do just fine honestly as long as people actually remember it has a god tier AP round

  3. Still waiting to meet somebody from the 70% who apparently think this is great. Must be a bit like dark matter in the universe; apparently it’s there but nobody has ever seen it.

    1. They’re the same people who have decided that these changes ‘will go into the game’. Lucky the people doing Crew 2.0 didn’t decide it was going into the game and listened to players opinions…or reason…or sanity.

  4. Over the years, nerf TD view range, nerf SPG accuracy and introduce stun, modify tech tree and intro scouts till tier X, introduce fochgate tanks, wheeled light tanks, more fake tanks and now HE shells changes.

    This game has no future…😵

  5. You need high DPM, high speed, high alpha tanks. Because if you are to slow the battle is ended.
    Either total loss no damage or total win no damage.
    You only have 4 minutes.

    1. if a battle finish in less than 8 min , for me that is a failure; it means that either the MM or the map have some problem

  6. Another consideration in all this is that, if you want to believe the NA commentator 4TankersAndDog, a lot of these changes are apparently to make data processing easier and more efficient for WG. Perhaps what the new changes boil down to is that there are systems changes at the server level for the game and legacy ways of doing business are being cleared out.

  7. this is why the marathon tank is fail. you need brawler meta medium like russian god tanks not sit back hide and snipe, hope you will pen with your gold ammo shots and low 200 dmg per pen.

    they claim it’s fast but light speeders will still run rings around it.

    maybe…just maybe the dpm rework will really hurt the wheelie bois when they get shot with HE.

  8. Love it or hate it. wOt is still a cheap hobby to enjoy. Much cheaper than alckolo, cigaretten or drogen

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