Crystal Challenge: “Rock crystal” 2D Style – Pictures

This is the style that can be obtained in the upcoming marathon. Style treated as non-historical, valued at 750 gold.

Available for vehicles of all nationalities and tiers.

  • Multi-season style inspired by the uniqueness and beauty of natural minerals.

The ancient Greeks believed that a rock crystal was ice that had frozen so much that it could not melt. Roman patricians used spheres cut from this material to cool their hands in the summer. And in the Ancient East, it was believed that mountain crystals were pieces of the frozen breath of a dragon.

After polishing, this mineral acquires a unique shine. At various times, it was used to make tableware, mirror glass, spectacle lenses, “medical” balls and jewelry. There are also legends that rock crystal has mystical properties that allow people to see the invisible. (It is possible that it can help you spot enemy light tanks.)

2 thoughts on “Crystal Challenge: “Rock crystal” 2D Style – Pictures

  1. This game and it’s goofy clown camo. Would be nice we just get one historical camo for every three clown camo.

  2. For as long as one does not look too carefully it looks like a city or winter camo. Only if you look more carefully one realizes that the white patches are not just random paint splashes but illustrate mineral formations. ah well.

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