Tank Wars Result


TEAM T-34!

Winner of the First Tank Wars Battle

with a total of 5,045,930 points

It was a fierce fight between two worthy champions, but in the end, Team T-34 was able to triumph over Team M4A1 Sherman, who collected a very respectable 2,769,443 points.

A big thank you to everyone who participated and provided valuable feedback. It was the first fight in a series of battles to come, and we will make some tweaks to the format. So, stay tuned, and don’t hesitate to suggest worthy combatants for future matches.

Source: EU Portal

20 thoughts on “Tank Wars Result

    1. This, though even if Tank Rewards were to return I doubt it’d be as good as it used to be.

      IIRC the last iteration of it was cheap shit compared to the previous ones (inferior rewards for each level reached, blueprints were hit especially hard).

    1. Welp… Guess WG ran out if fuel after the fully stacked 2020 event year. Haven’t touched this game for a month already and probably will continue to do so

          1. True, still some impressive numbers. Numbers that are decreasing, which is not a surprise for a game of that age. However, i feel that I’m not that attracted to this game anymore. It’s not a specific thing – but the game and battles starts making less and less fun. Not sure about the reasons, but there are too many individuals that dont care about the result any longer which makes it frustrating to play since it was meant to be 15 vs 15 where each player had an individual role to fill. Additionally lots of changes which might force players to not care any longer. And so the downtrend speeds up even more.

            In combination with changes like the ones to the battle pass game mechanic to increase the revenue stream forWG makes it not better.

            1. its a bunch of small things that added up over time to make the game less fun for me….I still log in 2-3 times a week…but it takes about 5 battles get fed up with it

          2. Lol you think they are actual figures?
            Of course they are not and im not seeing those. Maybe 20k less.

        1. Usually on times like these I’d scavenge old buried articles to post, but this week is exam week… Sorry.

    1. The points are meaningless. It a typical series of missions put into wrapping paper to increase the daily activity which they called “Tank Wars”. Pretty unimaginative.

  1. 2021 is the year of shit or no rewards in WOT. Play Shit Hunter for garbage battlepass rewards for players without the improved pass, and for those who have completed the BP, lol. 7V7 was also ruined, with 30 wins with bot teams for a 2D style and if you play as a Heavy/TD, get shat on by air-strikes by lights/EBRs.

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