Supertest: 🇨🇿 Vz. 55 – Changed Stats

Vz. 55. Statistics with crew at 100%:

Autoloader gun: 130 mm vs. 54 2A

Rate of fire: 4,62   5,20 rounds/minute
Damage per minute: 2 264   2 546
Damage per minute with HE shells: 2 957   3 326
Complete reload time: 23,97 s   21,09 s
Accuracy at 100 m: 0,4   0,36
Aiming time: 2,78 s   2,59 s

Cyclic gun: 130 mm vs. 54

Rate of fire: 5,01   5,35 rounds/minute
Damage per minute: 2 453   2 621
Damage per minute with HE shells: 3 206   3 423
Reload time: 11,99 s   11,22 s
Accuracy at 100 m: 0,36   0,35
Aiming time: 2,49 s   2,30 s

13 thoughts on “Supertest: 🇨🇿 Vz. 55 – Changed Stats

  1. This then means that the Maus line and the IS-7 will get a buff soon? Or WeeGee is just too dumb to buff things that were actually decent?

      1. Indeed, it can mount an autoloader gun so it loses access to the gun rammer by default

  2. Wether the Czech heavies will be able to mount a gun rammer or not is to be seen.

    People are too focused on the Italian MTs to remember and/or care, but to this day the Type 5 Chi-Ri (Tier 7 JPN MT) can mount both an autoloading gun AND a gun rammer, the only tank that can do both currently in the game.

    IMHO, if the Czech HTs can choose which gun to mount, then yes they could mount the gun rammer. If, however, they have one gun but two firing modes on that gun then no, they should not mount the gun rammer.

    1. We still have to see as these tanks aren’t available on the Common test yet.

      Also the 25TP and AT 7 can use Gun rammers with their stock guns. so it’s most likely an oversight.

      Or it could mean they want to implement a 2nd Japanese Medium tank line with autoloaders down the line. Since they’ve been holding off on those British armored cars that they wanted to implemented this year, but who knows all of this is speculation.

      I just hope these buffs to the DPM are a sign of it not having a gun rammer.

      I’m sick of having new tanks be broken when introduced, and later nerfed into the ground after everyone has them.

      1. I’m sick of having new tanks be broken when introduced, and later nerfed into the ground after everyone has them.

        As is everyone else since these tanks cost money or a lot of time spent grinding (mostly for the credits needed to buy them). But WG makes money this way, and keeps the powercreep alive – make good stuff, then nerf it, then make more good stuff so people have to upgrade to the new standards or eat shit, and repeat until the servers shut down for good.

    2. They won’t be able to mount a gun rammer, I don’t see how that’s even a mystery. The Skoda T-50 also has the option to use a non-autoloader version of the gun. It’s not like there is a brand new game mechanic here.

      Every tank that’s able to mount an autoloader gun has no access to a gun rammer. The Italians were an exception at first because their guns weren’t technically autoloaders but that changed too.

      1. Edit: didn’t know about the Chi-Ri, TIL, but at this point I’d be willing to bet the chi-ri is a mistake WG never noticed or cared about enough to fix lol

  3. Well it sounds silly people speculating that it can mount gun rammer because bluh bluh Chi Ri has it. And obviously it has 2 guns to choose from, not you can switch mode. If it is something that you can switch mode at minor cost it is basically an autoreloader. Why bother making it a new mechanic that no one ever mentioned? I’d say it’s perfectly safe to assume it has no gun rammer available.

  4. And no one said that in that promo WG video there is seen 2 versions of gun barrels when shootin on firin range, one single shootin and the other the autoloader…. For F Sake people dont write BS about some special mechanics, just look for info first and dont speculate…
    I hope the gun stats stay like this… otherwise why even bother for some polish gun stats clone that aims for days and then miss… then there is a better option to shoot HE at least for some damage…

  5. hmm. looks like this tank have poor armor layout. so i thinks they trying to adjustment this tanks firepower.

  6. So this is somehow the OverPower version of the guns like we see time ago with other Supertest like the Rino and someone else, normal version, somehow OP version, and then the nerfed version so they see how it works

    I think this branch will be good, more like the polish one (HT) some aspect of russians but with good gun depression.

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