4 thoughts on “WoT Console – Modern Armor – First Strike! – Taking the Fight Forward & New maps!

  1. I wouldn’t expect WG to be able to handle modern tank features well (APS, ATGMs, smoke grenades (which is actually old tech), IR/night vision,…).
    Corridor maps will always feel the same, no matter if you drive a Sherman or an Abrams, WG map design is and will always be retarded.
    I am certain WG will keep using their retarded aiming system forever (aim above the horizon = aim at the skybox).

    => everything WG touches turn to shit in the end.

    nice graphics though. love how the flying rubble next to the Abrams just disappears midair.

    1. the graphics and the sound are atrocious… I think WoT PC sounds are bad, but this is another level of garbage

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