World of Tanks Console: Modern Armor – Update Patchnotes

Update Size

~8.3 GB for PS
~9 GB for Xbox

New Features and Improvements

  • The Cold War game mode has been added and is available to play in multiplayer to face off against other human opponents or in Co-Op mode to team up with humans to take down the enemy AI team.
  • Cold War initially launches with two affiliations, Western Alliance and Eastern Alliance, covering three eras of time with three tanks per era for a total of eighteen Tech Tree tanks. Further Tech Tree expansion covering additional nations within the affiliations as well as new affiliations will be coming in the future!
    M1A2_Abrams GIF

M1A2_Abrams GIF
Two new Consumables have been added for Cold War vehicles. These Consumables are only available for Cold War vehicles and are not available to World War II.
  • Smokescreen
    • The Smokescreen Consumable was designed with the Cold War Vision System in mind. It provides players a way to prevent the enemy from seeing you while you retreat back to safety. It can also come in handy for up close and personal engagements when dealing with a more mobile enemy. If you find yourself being circled, deploy a Smokescreen as a defensive measure to cause the enemy’s auto-lock to disengage. It will be difficult for them to drive in circles while having to manually aim, taking away the advantage they had.
  • Hull Patch Kits
    • The Hull Patch Kit Consumable allows you to maximize your life expectancy on the battlefield. While one use won’t undo the damage received from a shot, you can undo an early game mistake or restore enough health to make a difference in the outcome of a battle.
    • Cold War Vision System
      • The Vision System (also known as the Vehicle Detection System) is what governs how and when vehicles appear to players in battle based on whether they are detected or not at any given moment and how you can interact with that vehicle. The Cold War Vision System’s main effect is that all combatant vehicle models are always rendered at all times and no longer pop into existence.
      • Cold War Vision System will be enabled in Cold War battles only. It will not be enabled in World War II battles.
    • Cold War Era-Based Matchmaking
      • With a new era of tanks comes a new era of matchmaking. The Cold War vehicles will launch into their own battle queue, separate from World War II vehicles. The biggest difference to matchmaking is that it is era-based! This means you will only fight tanks of the same era as your tank!
      • When creating a match, the matchmaker will prioritize getting you into battle quickly while creating as balanced of a match as possible. It also considers tank classes to attempt to keep the class parity between teams as well as platoon parity.
  • Two new Equipment items have been added and are available for both World War II and Cold War vehicles!
    • Both of the new Equipment options are especially useful for light tanks or vehicles that rely on their speed and mobility for survival. Since this class of vehicle usually has high mobility stats already, they will benefit the most from the percentage-based bonuses these equipment items provide. Be careful though, Commander: if you boost your mobility too much, it could become difficult to control your tank.
      • Traction System
      • Advanced Power Train
  • New IPX experience for new players, taking place on Cao Bang map with the M1A2 training tank
  • Tech Tree
    • You can now access a tank’s upgrade information without having to own the tank.
    • The Tech Tree is now 2D instead of 3D for better visual appearance and navigation.
    • New backgrounds for the Tech Trees have been added.
  • Filter
    • When using the tank filter, you can now select a tank in the right-hand side display to open a drop-down menu for various options
      • Go to Vehicle (Will take you to that vehicle in the Vehicle tab)
      • Add/Remove Favorite
      • Inspect Vehicle (Will take you to the Module Viewer)
      • Hold to Sell
  • Premium Tech Tree
    • A filter has been added to help find the tank you are looking for on the Premium Tech Tree.
    • New filter options have been added to the PTT filter such as On Sale, Unowned, and Unavailable!
  • Improved Vehicle Tab
    • The look of the Vehicle tab has been overhauled and will change environments based on the season of the last played map!
    • Tank tracks rotate to spin the tank around in the Vehicle tab for a more natural appearance.
    • The Vehicle tab displays your Commander above the tank reel and standing beside your tank.
    • The ammo at a glance display now shows the resupply currency currently selected.
    • Boosts can now be purchased directly from the Boosters Menu.
  • Platoons
    • Platoonmates’ tanks and Commanders will also be visible in your Vehicle tab!
    • Joinable Platoons display added on the Social Menu for players to easily join their friends’ open platoon.
    • Platoons can switch between Cold War Multiplayer, Cold War Co-Op, and World War II without disbanding.
  • Improved color-blind support!
    • We now support more color-blind options, and it no longer impacts only certain elements, but the entire game screen.
      • NONE
      • Protanope
      • Deuteranope
      • Tritanope
      • Monochromat
  • New Team Color option!
    • Check the options tab to set your Team Colors to one of the available options:
      • Default (Blue/Orange)
      • Green/Red
      • Green/Purple
  • Improved PBRS!
    • Detailed Earnings
      • Accessed from the PBRS, see a full breakdown of Silver, XP, Commander XP, and Gold earnings/cost for that match.
    • “Watch Replay” option added for quick access to the replay for that match.
    • New MVP display for better readability.
    • Medal count indicator
      • When you earn Medals in the match, an indicator is displayed on the Medal tab to make players more aware of when they earned a Medal at a glance as well as how many Medals they earned.
      • World War II feature only.
  • Matchmaking improvements
    • A new map rotation algorithm!
      • A new approach to handling map rotation in the matchmaker to help prevent same back-to-back maps from occurring for players has been added. Maps are placed in a pre-determined order that the server will cycle through every four minutes. This means that if you play a match every four minutes, you will always play a different map until you’ve cycled through all of the maps that are available at your battle tier before cycling back to the start of the list.
    • World War II Matchmaker
      • Bot support has been added for all tiers.
  • Detailed Stats
    • Accessed from the Armor/Module Viewer, open the Detailed Stats for a full breakdown of the characteristics of your tank.
  • Increased vibration feedback on the controller for a more immersive experience when traversing rough terrain.
  • Store
    • Updated the UI for Conversion menu.
    • Conversion menu now accelerates the conversion rate as you hold the button.
  • HUD
    • Lock-on indicator.
    • HP numbers on the health bar above players’ tanks.
    • Adjusted the mini-map and overview map, so that the view cone is lighter than the surrounding area.
    • Added a “flare” to the health bar to indicate the chunk of damage given/received from that hit.
    • Improved the base icons to stand out on the mini-map and HUD, giving better clarity on which base is being captured.
    • Spectator Icon is now an eyeball.
    • Health meters are brighter for all colorblind options for better visibility when low on health.
  • UI
    • New, cleaner Celebration screens.
    • Option to dismiss all Celebrations has been added.
    • New “Elite” icon.
    • The discount tag will display in additional locations for better visibility.
    • The right-hand side tank stat panel now uses the stock rounds’ damage and penetration display for comparison instead of the average of all three round types.
  • Audio
    • Updated the ambiance throughout the Vehicle tab and various menus. The Vehicle tab ambiance will even adjust based on the Equipment you mount on your tank!
    • Audio cue added for ally’s death.
  • Game mode additions
    • Multi-Base Assault Mode
      • Added this mode to the following maps, available in Custom Games only:
        • Abbey
        • Cao Bang
        • Dezful
        • El Halluf
        • Fisherman’s Bay
        • Fredvang
        • Highway
        • Kasserine
        • Kaunas
        • Malinovka
        • Mannheim
        • Mountain Pass
        • Pilsen
        • Port
        • Sunset Coast
        • Vineyards
    • Additional modes added to current maps for multiplayer matches:
      • Himmelsdorf – Encounter
      • Mines – Team Destruction
      • Mountain Pass – Encounter
      • Steppes – Team Destruction
  • Custom Games
    • New options added in the Vehicles tab to select which game modes of tanks are allowed and displays corresponding vehicle filters for the mode selected.
  • Medals Rules
    • World War II Game Mode
      • Medals will work the same and exclusive to the World War II mode.
    • Cold War Game Mode
      • Can earn Marks of Excellence and Mastery Badges.
      • Cannot earn World War II Medals.
      • Cold War-specific Medals will be added in the future.
  • Achievements / Trophies
    • Can be completed using either World War II or Cold War vehicles as long as the tank used meets the requirements.

Bug Fixes

  • Auto-resupply amount in the loadout screen displays the correct amount in all situations
  • Centered various dialog buttons on their respective dialog menus
  • Challenge Complete toast notifications now use correct icons
  • Chieftain/T95 fenders now have collision
  • Correct Skin cost is displayed in all locations after viewing other Camo options
  • Custom Games lobby name now displays the player’s name in original lettercase
  • Damage dealt by the player being spectated no longer impacts the spectator’s efficiency display
  • Fisherman’s Bay puddles no longer flicker when observed from the overhead SPG view
  • Fixed bot movement on Himmelsdorf where they would drive into the side of buildings
  • Flags purchased with vouchers no longer charge Gold
  • Gun now stays in sync with the rest of the tank when rotating it in the Vehicle tab
  • Huntsman’s cloth camo cover no longer clips into the model
  • Inscriptions for the Object 777 are no longer covered by the sandbags when applying the Winter Warrior skin. Skin no longer covers the headlights
  • Log icons no longer persist when transitioning to the PBRS
  • Log tab now shows an entry for purchased tank Skins
  • Log tab now shows Gold Pack purchases
  • Log tab now shows the ammo resupply cost and scrolls to see all text displayed
  • Log tab now shows the currency icon for sold vehicles
  • Mouse and Keyboard is now working correctly on Xbox One
  • PBRS MoE Damage Standing now rounds to the tenths
  • Reload display now correctly shows for next-generation consoles
  • Tank Commander HUD now shows platoon status of players
  • Tank icons no longer vanish after closing the filters in Tank Commander
  • Target tracker now respects safe zone settings when positioned in the upper left corner
  • The Loadout tab now lets you navigate all modules without having to back out of each module menu
  • Tree on Sand River is no longer floating
  • Various tanks have had their Emblems adjusted, so they no longer flicker or are partially visible

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