13 thoughts on “πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ VK 28.01 mit 10,5 cm L/28 In-game Pictures

  1. I’m looking forward to it. Gameplay will be fun regardless of performance 😎

    1. The gun was OP back in 2012 cos of the HEAT pen but got nerfed big time a year later. The 105 was removed during the light tank rebalanced but there was nothing wrong with it.

  2. i really hope this will be a reward! if WG will sell this tank, after they “stole” this gun from the tech tree tank i will lose all respect that was left for WG (wasnt that much in the first place tho)



  3. Yeah, I was so pissed when they took the best gun off of my favorite tank.
    But this will be better. Increased rate for crew skills on the same tank.
    Probably not increased credits, I’m thinking this will be this year’s reward, similar to last year’s Super Chaffee.
    Sure glad they aren’t making it into a “Super” VK2801.

  4. I am an old player (2011), and I remember when these tanks were relevant, competitive and fun. But how people still view such lower tier tanks as relevant or desirable in current WOT meta is beyond me. Waste of money in my opinion.

    1. Something I like about Warships is that they found ways to make tiers 6-10 especially relevant and even tier 5 is useful. In Tanks There’s not a whole lot of reason to play anything other than tier 8 and 10. I suppose tier 6 once in a while.

      1. Yeah, other than nostalgia or premium tanks, there is barely any reason to keep tanks from tiers other than 10, 8 and maybe 6. Mostly 8 and 10s. WG has been releasing all these ‘pointless’ Tier 9 reward tanks for the last few years with no special mode where any of them can be used. I took one Tier 9 (Phase 1) from FL in 2019, but in 2020 Expedition, I simply converted all my tokens for bonds instead of two Tier 9s. What’s the point really, they make no extra credits and as crew trainers they aren’t any better than Tier 8 premiums. WG should try and being special modes for these odd tiers, like 5-7-9s, which would breathe a new life in those tiers and we would hold on to some of our old favourites (with their OG crews).

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