Wot NA – Server downtime

Source: WorldofTanks NA

Tankers, We are currently experiencing a power outage in one of our data centers, causing game services to go offline. Our team has been hard at work bringing services up in our backup data center and is still working on the solution. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the problem we do not expect service to return until Saturday, April 24 at 02:00 PT | 04:00 CT | 5:00 ET. All account data and progress are safe and will be available when the server returns.

Players are our number-one priority. We understand your frustration and thank you for your support and patience during this interruption.

We will issue compensation for the downtime once the issue is fixed—details are to come in a future message.

Anton Pankov
Product Director, World of Tanks

6 thoughts on “Wot NA – Server downtime

  1. What kind of data center has a power outage? FedEx has a data center just down the road from me and 75% of the facility is backup power generators.

    1. It has something to do with incompetent ex soviets and everything they do.

  2. Speaking as a NA player I am slightly peeved…but this will force me to take of some matters that I should be dealing with. Kinda weird though…that it happened as the same time as server migration might be telling.

  3. Still working on a solution getting services running in their backup centre??? What’s the point in having a backup centre if you haven’t got a plan to bring it online?
    You haven’t got a backup if you only start working on a solution how to use it when and outage occurs.

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