7 thoughts on “Supertest: Škoda T 56 Initial Stats

  1. Bad AP pen, Good Heat pen.
    Spaced armour in the turret?
    2 shoots per clip a little to long reload maybe but 460 of damage is good.
    seems like a gsor a tank to use with Premium and get fun, not get credits

  2. like heavy tank…with spaced turret armor..but huge hat on top
    and that paper hull and base pene 208? 😀
    well i bet gun mantlet will be paper…

    =grind through and leave

  3. that’s a strange looking T-55AM, set the image of a T-55AM and this Skoda T 56 and you will notice how they only differ on minor details, it is basically a “westernized” T-55AM/AM2B (mostly the running gear)

    the “flatter” and wider turret could also hint to a T-62M, well a “westernized” version of it, but Czechslokavia did not operate the T-62, although they did evaluate it
    the cupola design and position is also closer to the T-62

    1. Thanks for the background. these days you rarely get any “historic” info or reference on the tanks WG pulls out. sure in game stats is what counts in the end but it’s nice to know something real about a tank.

      1. that is simply my impression because I am familiar with the T-55AM and T-62M, additionally the suspension is clearly what you usually find in NATO tanks of that period (1950 onwards)

  4. So essentially a Czech heavy Bourrasque in terms of the gun, and a phat ass T-55AM in terms of the turret and chassis. Actually looks interesting to play! 460 alpha with 2 shots in the drum is kinda ridiculous in a tier 6 matchup though..

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