WoT: April 2021 Specials Sneak Peek (EU)

Brawl Mode is Back!

Get ready for a tank brawl and the intense 7v7 battles returning at the end of April. Roll out in Tier X vehicles, hone your strategy, and prove your might among the carnage! More news to follow.

April Surprise

Brace yourself for an unexpected arrival. Keep an eye on the portal for the official announcement!

Steel Hunter

Stay tuned for the second Season of this year’s Steel Hunter. Keep an eye out on the portal for upcoming news and updates around mid-April.


Xtra Progress

From April 3 through April 5: Rack up huge XP boosts for victories from Tier II to Tier X. Wherever you play, this special has something for everyone!


Extra XP from Tier II to X

Birthday Celebrations

From April 10 through April 20:April will mark 10 years of the World of Tanks EU server and we want to celebrate together with you! There’s a lot planned, from discounts, and rewards to 3 streams including one packed with giveaways on April 12. Stay tuned for more info coming soon!


Now now, Commander, that’s still a secret!

Top of the Tree

April 5 through May 5: Enjoy our latest edition of the Top of the Tree special. At the start of the month, we’ll focus on the X XM551 Sheridan , a speedy American at the top of the line of light tanks. Known for their good mobility, view range, and rate of fire, these vehicles are true American boy scouts, great for the type of player that loves aggressive recon!

April 20 through May 20: The second Top of the Tree special takes aim at the X Bat.-Châtillon 25 t . Heading the French medium line, this French ambush artist will wreak havoc in battle with its powerful autoloader and penetration value of 259 mm, 390 average damage per shot, and a 5-shell drum. Combining a small frame, impressive acceleration, good manoeuvrability, and a 65 km/h top speed, this is a deadly, versatile medium!

XP Fever

From April 17 through April 20: Our classic XP special is back with heaps of experience. Win huge amounts of XP in various battles over the weekend!


A True XP Frenzy

General Maintenance

April 24 through April 27: Time for a check-up, Commanders! A tank is a formidable machine, but even the strongest vehicle needs a good check-up once in a while! Buff up your tank and treat your crews to a special full of XP, Personal Reserves, and consumables.


Free Consumables

Ongoing Activities

Ranked Battles

Until April 20: Ranked Battles returned in March, and the Season continues! Show off your prowess before April 12, 2021, 10:00 CEST (UTC+2) and get your hands on the brand-new VII Škoda T 45 !


Daily Tournaments

April 1 through May 1: Assemble a team, sign up for daily tournaments, and prove yourselves as fearless tank commanders today. There are new opportunities to earn heaps of gold every day, so don’t miss out!


Referral Program

From December 26, 2020: Referral Program 2.0: Season 6 is still in full swing. Invite a friend to World of Tanks, complete individual and Platoon missions, and collect lucrative rewards! These two Premium reward vehicles will help you dominate the battlefield:

Show your recruit the ropes in World of Tanks, share your best battle tactics, and teach them your best maneuvers!


Well-Deserved Reward

November 26, 2020 through November 2021: Collect your Well-Deserved Reward for being a part of the World of Tanks community! Log in to the game to secure your reward.


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  1. Fun fact: I never play my tier X tanks, unless it is brawl mode. The random games are too toxic.

    1. Same here, except I don’t play Randoms at all in their current Turbo-one-sided speed meta. Only 7v7 and Frontlines.

  2. Due to the amount of bs posted I had to delete several posts and noted the IP’s of the worst abusers.

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