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      1. Salty? Lol, not at all. We are speaking classic rigging. In this case a fellow Romanian most likely won…a clan member, family member or huffing school buddy…Show us evidence that this was not rigged. Haven’t seen anything but shady rules and regulations.

        1. Do you think „fellow Romanians” matter that much to me? I broke contact with most people I knew due to uni. How do you think I have time for the site? I’ll do more giveaways in the future, don’t worry.

          1. Just ignore him, Seb. He is just jealous and salty. Keep up the good work.

  1. Called it. I friggin’ called it. Told them not to allow multiple entries, and they did. Of course people’ll now say it’s rigged, because this sort of exploit does give others unfair advantages.

    Seb, if you don’t want this to be seen as a royal screwup from the get go, you’d better go back to the original post and read my comment there, and pound it into your friggin’ brain. Otherwise yeah…this is gonna turn into yet another characteristically half-assed Romanian blunder, I’m afraid 😐

    1. If there were only 20 nicks in those 280 comments, sure I would see your point. But going over it now, the majority only had one entry, inc the winner for me to see it like a “blunder” tbh. As I did not find many with more than one.

      For all you know, they might have checked for multiple entries on the winner… As most do these days.

      1. “”Might”.
        No apologies.
        No acknowledgement of unfairness for anyone who commented earlier.

        Looks just like WG used to handle things (and still mostly does)

    2. Heey mate, ever heard of the feature that is ctrl+f, you can look how many times the name is on that page. Megatron_two is now there three times, one time at the top of the post behind update, one time as just his comment name and one behind the ingame name. So maybe you should think more before commenting on such a post.

  2. Just made this account because I don’t want you to get discouraged, Seb. Thank you for the giveaway. That was kind of you. Please ignore the haters in this giveaway. Imagine being upset that someone generously gave away something out of the kindness of their heart just because they lost the giveaway!  They are just jealous and salty. Keep up the good work, Seb!

    1. Fella, I don’t care about the prize myself. It’s just not fair tonsome people if others can get an extra advantage though. I came up with suggestions to avoid that…and nobody listened. And, as usual here on TAP, I’m once again getting labelled as a hater.

      Grow up and start thinking before you start showing off your fake sense of solidarity?

      1. Maybe, but if he checked, if he did Post twice, and rerolled the Winner, to get only a 1 Poster as Winner, everyone with more then 1 Post is automatically out of game.
        So Yeah, your a Typically whining hater, as i see so far.

      2. I don’t think you understand how transparent you are. Obviously you cared and now you are salty.

  3. Screw all the petty, sore losers. Was nice of you to do this giveaway, thanks for the chance!

  4. “Problems of the first world”….

    “Storm in a tea cup”

    Somebody (i.e. Seb) had the Goodwill to give something away.
    Simple and easy execution (using Randomizer).

    some a….holes had the idea of using multiple entries to cheat. For those low-lifes who did (if there are any), well done and good luck with your life, because if you are such low-level human beings in such petty occasions, I really feel sorry for your real life and even sorrier for your parents who (hopefully) spent their life trying to make you a better living being (and obviously failed).

    For those who spent their time checking who did multiple posts, I feel sorry too, you obviously have nothing better in your life than spending time fighting the injustice in this world, in every corner.

    PS. Thanks for the giveaway Seb, appreciate the thought, sorry for the shit-storm you receive, I would not change anything.

  5. This is not fair! I entered twice and I pay to win win with a premium account.
    I’m going to complain to wargaming high command!

  6. Screw them seb… its a giveaway they were all expecting to win… thks for the giveaway

  7. Wow Thanks! =)

    This is the first time in my life i have won any type of lottery.

    I have been lurking on the Armored Patrol for a long time, rarley type anything in the comments tho.

  8. Damn you Megatron_two
    Always folowing me around.

    Seems my random avatar is bound to my email.

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