25 thoughts on “WoT – Battle Pass Season IV – Operation Needle

  1. Operation “Empty Wallets V2”
    Before, we were able to make new additions to our garage by playing playing playing playing and achieving some goals…
    Now…. You can play play play play and you still have to pay pay pay pay if you want new tanks! otherwise… Stick with the ones you already have and shut up! ahahah

    1. What are you talking about ?
      You can get a new tank for free! It will take longer then when you pay. You won’t get it this battle pass but the next one or the one after that depending on what tank you want.
      But isn’t that normal ? Or you want the same things as the paying customers?
      Stop crying you entitled cry baby

      1. ahahaha Snab – Typical Pay to Win player who wants his dollars/euros to make a difference in the battle field! Listen, I rather be a “cry baby” who believes WG should and must do money through premium tanks, account and so than a fuc.ing idi.t who thinks is ok to leave F2P players outside this new tanks when this are known as “achievements”! You know what an achievement is? You work your ass hard to get something! As this tanks have been (SO FAR!) our rewards for the achievments through Frontlines and Steel Hunter. Guess what: Not aymore because you need to PAY! So…. Stop being an ignorat and grow up ok? Fuc.ing br.inless and us.less kid…

  2. yea, till now you could get one bounty equipment for free, but not anymore. so i think i will stick with my old tanks if i still want to play sometimes …

  3. Because there is desirable bounty equipment that does not exist in bond form the loss of bounty equipment with standard pass looks like a problem to me. You can in fact get even the new reward tanks as a F2P player, it just takes longer and that’s pretty normal. You can grind your way to it using one of the many free premium tanks they give you the opportunity to earn. Earning things in game gives them value, if everything was free and instantly available the items would be a lot less interesting and your time invested would be a lot more pointless.

  4. This is kind of sad, i like playing front lines and steel hunter, and not having some kind of reward kind of puts me off… i liked the old system better… not the mention that payed battle pass, has too much stuff comparing with normal one, like the special equipments etc…

    1. If not getting tokens from Frontline of SH puts you off playing then it seems you don’t really like playing, but only do so for the tokens.

      1. I like playing it, but it removes the sense of objective from SH, i could be a whole week playing SH or frontline, but now, whats the point? Playing just for the game itself i rather play in tier 8 premium and make a shitload of credits instead…

    2. Do you also cry at the MCdonalds when you have your hamburger in your hands and sombody buys a Bigmac, He got so much more burger just because he paid more than me. It’s not fair, wheee wheee I want a big mac to, but i dont want to pay more than my normal hamburger whee whee

      1. retarded example like your low iq. you both are paying for hamburgers. wot supposed to be f2p but is 100% p2w.

        1. wot supposed to be f2p?! really!? maybe THEY should give YOU money for playing their game …

      2. ahahahaha Snab must be a WG developer! A stup.d one for sure! Seriously you compare this to McDonalds? AHAHAHAHAHAHAH
        You are so used to PAY for all the sh.t WG throws at you that you don’t even care about the community! As long it fits you right? What a los.r!
        Snab … Who’s your Daddy?

  5. so there is no progres in steel hunter?just making points for battle pass?

    1. Tokens for the reward tanks are only through Battle Pass, however battles in FL and SH modes count towards progress in Battle Pass.

    1. same here! My gold was better spent than on the BM where I could get a singular tank that eats credits. Instead, I got the AE from the tokens, a good amount of bonds, equipment and credits, and lots of booklets. Also, I was able to finally research the E50m for its 3d BM skin.

      1. … And this is why WG is filling their pockets! Someone who spends gold to get an AE when he could get it for… free! ahahahahahahaha
        Oh christ….

      1. By paying 45.000 gold to unlock all 3 improved battle pass chapters(2500 gold/chapter) and all 150 levels (250 gold/level).

        1. So he paid something like 150 Euros?!
          Now we know how WG is avoiding bankruptcy.

  6. The game is completely broken and they come with this… sincerely…
    Oh god, when it will be? when will a decent company buy WoT from these incompetent russian people…
    Jesus no one else can keep on taking this Matchmaker rigging battles with players ruining tier 8, 9 and 10 matches with their accounts under 10k battles what lead you into those 15x (ANY NUMBER UNDER 5 and within 4 minutes!)
    They dont even know the freaking mechanics of the game, which unfortanately consists in a F*CKING RIGGED RNG that will lead you into a shit show missing fully aimed shots, while the enemy on their Soviet/premium tanks with a FKN billion dispersion hits you while walking and wanking.
    thats freaking disgusting and no one talks about it, and the youtubers pretend it doesnt exist!

    1. bro, I have grinded multiple tank lines and Im only still around 8k battles so it is possible for others to get to high tiers eventually and be under 10k battles. So dont go say that these people “dont know the freaking mechanics of the game.” I do agree with the RNG tho, its pretty atrocious.

      1. but sure it aint right to get matches where : (example)
        you 50k battles // them 30k
        friend 8k // enemy 30k
        fool 5k // foe 25k
        anyone 3k // fktard 20k

        its obvious which team its more competitive and consistent .
        and its obvious it aint fair the way it is right now.

      1. Its beautiful to see such IQ working, you cant make anything get better, then you give up, alright congratulations on your faillure life, be happy.

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