Sandbox 2021: Final Stage Launch Date

If everything goes according to plan, on Tuesday, March 23, the fourth and final stage of the Sandbox server will be launched. This time we will be able to test all concepts from previous Sandboxes at the same time.

10 thoughts on “Sandbox 2021: Final Stage Launch Date

  1. We’ll see how it goes…I expect 75-80% of what we’ve seen so far to be in the game by December

  2. WG has a very weird way of doing things. So first they tested everything separately, they already got quite negative feedback in return, but now they’re going to test it all again? So appearently they think that if people didn’t like it separately they will for some reason like it when they merge it all into an even bigger mess?

    1. That’s how these things work. Keep asking the same question until you get the answer you want.

  3. So what’s even the point of including the absolute cluster**** that was sCrew 2.0 in the next sandbox, after it was found to be such a disaster by itself and WG themselves acknowledged it needs complete reworking?

  4. -Crew 2.0 was a complete mess, it needs a whole rework and even with that i does not like the system.
    Make the new skills and talents work in the old system, rework the old skills, lower the XP requirement to reach lvls.
    Dont like the RNG in instructors, dont like the 75 Points limit. etc etc.

    HE work is not well done in my opinion it work like a weird AP in the sandbox….
    It does 0 damage if you touch the track but not the main Armor, and has 0 splash is stupid.
    183mm doing 0 damage of splash ideal to make the game more Arcade that it is.

    -Arty rework seems okey…
    i like the change in the intuition skill (this is how they should make the changes in crew, add skills, make old skills useful, make the radio operator role more useful, yea “sound detection” should be radio operator skill)
    Like the idea on how different ammunition work different.
    mostly every thing is great here

    1. the sound detection should be by default, like the sixth sense. + , if crew 2.0 would be implemented there won’t be any radio operator anymore. and don’t forget, in current crew system the commander is also the radio operator on many tanks.

      1. I remember about that commander is radio operator in some tanks.
        Thats the main point i made, make the radio operator more “useful” i dont like crew 2.0 system.
        If your tank has no radio operator you should notice like if you dont have a gunner.

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