Supertest: ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡ช Strv K (Initial Stats & HD Renders)

The Swedish tier IX STRV K heavy tank returns to the closed supertest after a year of hiatus.

In the past, this vehicle served as a support tank, but now the STRV K has turned into a classic heavy tank. The gameplay will be a mix of the M103 and T-10 games. Most of the tankers will like the STRV K and will manage to achieve good results in it.
Which STRV K stats have been changed?

The gun became more comfortable due to greater armor penetration with standard and premium shells (252 mm and 310 mm, respectively). The accuracy of the gun was increased to 0.34 per 100 m. The aiming time has also increased to 2.3 seconds.

The dynamics of the vehicle also improved thanks to the increase in horsepower per ton (16.4 hp / t), but the hull rotation speed decreased to 30 deg / s.

10 thoughts on “Supertest: ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡ช Strv K (Initial Stats & HD Renders)

  1. They need to remove the radio operator from this tank already. A 4-crew HT for Sweden would be awkward enough, since all of the existing Swedish heavies are autoloaders with 3 crew. But a 5-crew heavy for Sweden is just stupid. Actually it’s kinda stupid for this to be an HT at all rather than a medium.

    1. This is nothing new for Sweden. MT line has 3-man crews at high tiers, but the relevant premiums (Primo Victoria and Lansen C) have 5-man and 4-man respectively.

    2. You need to understand that they’re probably basing this tank on some existing real-life blueprints where the tank was designed for 5 crew members. Then they can’t just “remove” one of the crew member. This game is already rediculous enough with all clown skins and made-up mechanics, we don’t need another upgrade into the direction of Tanki Online.

      1. Which is part of the argument for Crew 2.0…you can argue over whether or not it’s a good argument…but it is one!

      2. In this case that’s not really a reason, take a look at the front of the hull (on for example), there is only one hull crew position in the center for the driver. And the turret is a standard 3-man Centurion turret, I’ve never even seen a design with separate radio operator in the turret.
        Even historically, by the point of Kranvagn project hull gunner/radio operators became obsolete both because bow machine gun was ineffective and radios got compact and easy enough to operate for the commander.

        Kranvagn crew layout:,9090,6531,4740&mode=xray.modules&platform=pc

        Centurion crew layout,13138,12627,8532&mode=xray.modules&platform=pc

  2. take a look at your barracks, if you grinded the STRV 103B line, and the Leo tier 7 for the Kran Line, then you will have the 2 crew you need to fill out this tank, plus there is the Sabaton crew.

  3. Kranvagn body with Centurion turret…. please can we have a tank with elc even 90 body with a maus turret?

    1. Strv K was real though. Sweden had tons of centurion turrets + Kranvagn hulls and the kranvagn turret ended up being too expensive to produce so they made this

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