56 thoughts on “Black Market 2021 Day 5 Offer #2: Closed auction: Т-22 sr.

    1. not really because it was nerfed to death…
      It was the best tank of WOT when it came out as reward for a marathon – The marathon was impossible to achieve so clans cheated heavily – this created a huge outcry – so WOT nerved this tank to garbage – so nobody (who owns it) plays it any more.
      Last week they buffed it a bit so probably it playable again.

      Now, if you mean, is it worth throwing 20-30 million credits for it…. definitively not but, when I see how many people threw 8000 gold for an A32 yesterday, this is a much better tank….

        1. Every one how pay more than 30mil must be a collector because this tank is so dam bad for now.

    1. Are your really using 80M credits for this tank?! OMG

      Lets assume just for calculation purposes that you have/had zero gold and zero credits and you really really want this tank and you are going to bid 80M credits. Then, you must buy gold to exchange to credit. The ratio now is 1:400. For 80M credit you need 200k gold. In the WG shop now the best offer is 99,99EUR for 30.5k gold. So, your tank actually cost 655,67 EUR to you. That is insane!

      That 655,67EUR is anyway the value of the tank to you.Virtual tank which you “have” until they pull the plug off the server or you play until they nerf it to the kingdom come.

      Are you really using real money to this game?! I have used -zero- real money to this game and never ever will put a cent. Ever. (It is not about can I afford to use, it is about where it is going to)

      I have 40 tier X tanks, 12 tier VIII prem tanks, etc. and never used a dime to this s…t. Yes, I know, a lot of grinding and wasted time but still, it is not the EUR/hour. It is about principle. Even if i had quadtrillion EUR just laying in my bank account I would not use a single dime to this. Ever.

      1. He didnt said anything about buying it with gold. Btw it makes you look like a hypocrite. 40 Tier10 tanks are round about 240Million Credits which equal (after your calculation) to about 2000€ Euro.
        There you go, neither he nor you said anyone buys anything with gold, still the numbers stands, still it makes you a hypocrite.

        1. I did not say either that he’s going to use gold. I was just making a calculation what is the value of the tank to him. That is insane. Do not use real money to this game. EVER

          1. I am sorry to bring it to you, but if no one would ever pay to WG, this game would have been dead 9 years ago. And, in all honesty, you say you never paid any money because you do not like where this game is going. If that would be true, why have you continued playing it, if you did not like the direction from the start?
            I mean, why are so many people complaining about the game, instead of quitting it, and playing some other game? Wouldn’t that make more sense then playing a lot something you don’t like?

            1. Kinda good questions:
              1) The only good way this game has evolved is the graphics. It is much more beautiful and better in my 4k screens than ever.
              1) This is all about greed. Do you know much PROFIT this company is making? Normal corporate profit rate (ROI, ROE, ROA) is about 15-20%. This company is milking. I do not respect companies that is greed and is using all its’ intelligence to maximize profit. In any industry. That is greed. I am a shareholder and member of the board in many SMB-companies and they all respect the customers. This company do not.
              2) All the changes they make to this game is how to get even more money from the players. Eternal greed.
              3) They are, in my mind, unmorally now using clans as a tool to get even more money. Indirectly and kind of smart way (i admit) but still it is all going for milking even more.

              … would take a day to write all the cons here.

              Your first clame that this game would’ve been dead for 9 years is false. They would make big profits if they would operate only in russia. EU and NA are just milking cows. Greed is not a virtue.

              Why to play and not just quit? Free-to-play! Thats what they advert, right? I play this as a free game. I do support games and products (and directly people) who have their values right. This company sucks. This is about greed. The additude of this company is alike with drug dealers. This is a good game but greed sucks so hard that in my mind they do not deserve a dime to this game. And I want to point out how hard you paying customers are f…kd in the a.. here.

              Like I said before: It is not about can I afford to use real money, it is about where it is going to.

              Do I like to support buying of 100MEUR yachts for billionares? No. Never. You who use real money to this game do support billionares to get even richer. That is insane.

              You think they do not have enough money already? Why do they not be much more generous for the victims of their greed? IPO has been done and anonymous funds are now getting their profits. F..k em.

              1. Sorry, but this really seems very personal to you. I mean, Bill Gates had some yacht for sure, but most of the people still use Windows. Why bothering writing so negative stuff – do you really think some people will change their mind after what you wrote?
                While I agree with most of the stuff you wrote, I do not take this seriously as you. For me, this is the only game I played in last 15 years or so, and spending some money in return for the fun I (mostly) had was very much worth it. At the times when I felt I disliked it, I simply did not play.

                Even today, I do not like cars in the game, but I still find some motives to play. If that goes away, I will take new break, or stop for good. But seeing people tryharding to tell us why we should stop playing or paying will not change my mind.

                Regarding free to play – I guess we misunderstand each other there. If no one would pay for the game, it would disappear. This includes RU as well. Why do you think EU is milking cow, and not RU? Maybe prices are lower there (I am just guessing), but pure number of players makes up for it. They have something like 9 servers, and surely they would not do it if it would not compensate in real money.

                Greedy they are, but most companies are, especially when they bicome bigger. Small ones must fight for every customer, while big ones can choose. And seems that WG think they are big enough.

                1. I do believe that education is that makes ppl think. According to my experience ppl do not think how much actually they use and how. Sharing the knowledge has already opened a lot of eyes. I do know dozens of ppl who have stopped using money to this game and still they play it. We share the values. I do not say that ppl are stupid but they often do not think. They just play and eventually later realize how they have been screwed or at least mislead.

                  My idea was to educate this person to think how much in real money his “investment” really is. Nothing more. You made this issue bigger. Why do YOU take this so personally that you want to write such stories? You own company shares?

                  If for you it is worth to use thousands of €/$/£/…whatever to a SINGLE game then it is your decision. If you really have thought about the total value and still want to shovel open-handed money to those fat robbers then it is your thing. Most of us think otherwise. Business ethics is one thing which should be in mind in daily life. This is a one expression of it.

                  Did you know that the best way to influence on companies is to hit to their wallets? If you spend like no tomorrow to this game it will never change, and change it have to. Milking and greed is sooooo freaking obvious that it is starting to really bother. If they realize their fat wallet is getting thinner they should start to think about the customers, not only the big fat greedy owners. Not using money is practically the only way to influence to this game. Maybe they start to listen. If not, this game will die out no matter if ppl are using money or not.

                  In the history we have HUGE amount of greedy companies which have been greedy for the benefits of the present owners and because of that they have had severe problems and even declared bankcrupsy. Just because of short term milking.

                  Please do stop using money to this game. That is the only way to get your voice heard in the ivory tower.

                  1. You see, terms you are using to describe them (WG), are not usual ones, so it still makes me wonder what is the reasoning behind all of this:)
                    My reasoning is very simple – I really had enough of many people who dislike the game telling me/others how bad it is. It surely is not the best game, but some people still like it to some extent. That extent might vary, and is currently close to quitting for me, but I believe there are enough people who will still play it.

                    I still fail to se how WG differs from most of other big companies when it comes to earning money, which is what you are trying to impose here. For me, all of them look the same, and have same goal. How they achieve it is on them, and some are better than the others. Obviously, WG is doing pretty well despite partially ruining what used to be very fun game, and making it to something that is onlt sometimes fun, but sometimes frustrating.

                    “Most of us think otherwise” is interesting sentence, as it implies organized group of people, or you have some data to back up that? Like, in 2013, when the game was still enjoyable, X amount of people were paying Z amount of money anuall, and in 2021 that figures are 10 times smaller. I would assume that only WG would have such data, unless you are angry former emplyee who had access there (since you are implaying I have relationship with them 🙂 )?

                    Overall, I think we can agree to agree on most of the things about the game in it’s current form, and agree to disagree about the need of repeating that in every forum related to WOT.

                  2. No matter what you do, someone will always be throwing money at anything, because those people who drop money probably spend their time elsewhere, and spending money in this game advances you very quickly whether it be via premium time (which is worth tbh) or buying gold for xp, etc.

      2. I have 300M credits. I have 59 T8 premium tanks. And dont buy credits for gold. I play only T8 premium tanks.

        And yes i bid 80M and this is for me 0€.

        1. I just noticed, the T22 actually is NOT a MONEY MAKER
          it actually loses money…. damn!

  1. One of the few tanks that should’ve been sold for gold or bonds.

    Especially because many players will be sitting on thousands of gold from the holiday event couple months back.

    1. I guess this is a genius idea from WG.
      Dozens of thousands of people will want to bid 40-50 million for this tank.
      so, they will exchange their gold for credits.
      At the end, dozens of thousands more people (than the 12,000 tanks) will have exchanged their gold for credits…

      At the end of day it is cr@p. Nobody has played with this tank after the buff, to tell us whether it is worth it…. Before the buff (2 weeks ago), it was a lemon.

    2. They can always exchange their gold for credits. Also that’s a very good deal for Wargaming. You can’t blame them, because everybody can farm credits so this offer is open for everyone. And whales will have to convert their gold to credits for bad conversion ratio so thei RIP all their gold and credits.

  2. Or……….

    Should I wait and hope the WT100 will be the special offer at the end of the week??????


  3. When will people learn that WG has not yet changed their policy for selling T10 tanks for gold. Its credits or bonds in bond shop. So stop imagining T10 auctions for gold. Silver is the main enemy for WG in this game, and they will try their best to dry it from the economy. Gold is already money collected. And in any case, many are throwing gold into the credit conversion to overbid for these T10s. WG has done well this BM.

  4. I offered 90 mil. Easy for this tank! QB himself has said this tank is priceless, that fact alone…

      1. And why in gods name would it be satire? Just accept the fact that some of us has earned a lot of credits + converting gold. Is that too hard to understand?

        Btw I will pay even more to get this tank lel

      2. it is satire, no living creature is that stupid to buy something because frampton said its priceless

  5. Players indicating that spending a dime on the game is stupid, while using all their free time to grind, you are spitting yourself in the face. Having no life doesn’t make 20 bucks worth 100 hours of grinding.

    Spending too much is dumb, regardless if it’s money or time.

    1. Yeah, eventually all games become just a waste of time. Playing and winning at real life is way more satisfying.

        1. Yeah, its like those comedy movies where during an auction, when the person about to win the auction for 500, stands up and says 5000, and everyone is like… what? you are already winning with 500, but then the guy says 15000, no, 20K… I understand if someone really wants this item, bid an absurd 50M, surely there is no way that 12K tanks will fetch over a min 50M bid. But no, lets donate back 130M credits… Oh well…

      1. Hate to break it to you but no, it’s not a priceless item even though you have to repeat what the sect leader said. It’s a half decent tank with a very dodgy reputation from back in the day. It won’t be rare once 10% of the player base on EU server gets it and while a lot of people will overbid hysterically just like they did for the dragon tank, you will soon find that you wasted around 80 million credits. Each to their own, just hope you won’t regret it.

        1. Ppl mostly double down when they do such absurd things, helps them continue their denial of reality. Otherwise, why would any sane person bid 130M for anything, its not like only 1 tank is available for the highest bidder. Do they not understand how auctions work for multiple items?? that they need only out bid the lowest?

          1. I am sure some of those people are just trolling us 🙂 but for sure there are enough people that can give 50M+ with no regrets at all.
            For example, I already have all tier 10s, plus all mission reward tanks, so what can I spend credits on? So, I have put bit over 35M, and that is it. Even that is overpriced for this tank, but I will not mind. And, for sure, there are prople who will do it for more credits. Each to their own, of course. Good luck to all who are bidding 🙂

      2. Like I said mr Quicky licker… Already know for a fact that 40 million was enough 😀

  6. do you all see what wg is doing though?.

    most of the auctions for the rare tanks were credits auctions.

    yet in xmas cash grab we all spend spend spend for GOLD stockpiling.

    I quickly checked how much credits i could get for the t22 auction using 50,000 gold…and it was 20m credits….

    now do you see what wg are doing?.

    btw 50k gold costs me approx $270 dollars here…

    i decided to pass on the t22.

  7. I pooped 45mil on it,won the bid.. in my opinion i like the tank,but eh…
    I dont really care about money since i had 157mil (now 115mil),so its whatever to me,atleast another special tier 10 in my garage.

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