Update 1.12: Into Space! Style Set – More Pictures

The style is treated as non-historical, valued at 1750 gold. Available for vehicles of all nationalities and tiers. It has 2 versions, one for EU and one for RU.


An all-season style dedicated to the human aspiration to explore the endless expanse of space.

This style is based on the thermal-protective coating used on reusable spacecraft. Such a coating consists of more than 31,000 separate lightweight silica tiles that expand under heat and protect the integrity of the internal hull. This coating is relatively easy to maintain: if a tile is damaged or torn off, only that tile needs replacing instead of needing to repair the craft’s entire body.

EU version:

RU version:

Source: wotclue

3 thoughts on “Update 1.12: Into Space! Style Set – More Pictures

  1. Why on earth would they split it per server? Considering the fact that half of Europe was much more closely related to the Soviet space program than any western efforts, it is a shame that we will not have access to the IS-7 style.

    1. Read some other comments on this news site. Alot of “Players”(and those are mostly east europes; Polands, Czechs, Balkans) voice alot of racism and hate towards russians/belarusians. I can understand WGs effort to cater towards the EU playerbase in terms of not bringing too much “russia” into the game to ease those reactions.
      And this is comming from a northern European.

  2. So No NA version . Come on wargaming they complain they dont make money off these styles well maybe make sure to put them on all servers ffs .

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