Black Market 2021: 3D “Nimmermehr” Style for 🇩🇪 E 50 Ausf M – More Pictures

Style treated as non-historical, valued at 5,000 gold.

Suitable for vehicles: E 50 Ausf M.

6 thoughts on “Black Market 2021: 3D “Nimmermehr” Style for 🇩🇪 E 50 Ausf M – More Pictures

  1. “Gee E50M! How Come Wargaming Lets You Have Two 3D skins?”

    Still out of all the 3D skins we’ve got this year, this is the best one so far.

    A nice matt color and just enough trinkets to make it interesting to look at in the start of a match and isn’t overbearing like the past ones. The raven on it also has to be one of the best uses of a decal yet in all of the style sets sold to date. It isn’t small and hard to see while sticking to the theme. I love the quote “No Rules” since this game and the dev team have a tendency to break the rules all the time.

    If only the balance department cared this much about the game, just like how the art department does…

    1. For the record, E50M is not the first one with two skins.
      IS-3 already has two 3D skins in the game, Obj. 705 A has one 3D skin in the game and gets a second with the upcoming Battle Pass.
      Therefor E50M will be the third tank with two known 3D skins (but not yet on the live server) and the second with both in the game (because 705A gets his second skin a bit later)

    2. it´s interesting as well that this skin is made with post-war-assets of the bundeswehr. looking at the cross at the back of the tank, the mirrors of the leopard, the coating-stripes on the top of the tank that Leopard-tanks had as well

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