WoWS: Flamu Removed from CC Program

Quoting his Twitter:

„I have just been informed I have been removed from the CC program for tweets that they disagree with as well as stat shaming. I knew the day would come with my criticism of the disastrous CV and Commander rework, and honestly, I don’t mind at all. Freedom, flolo unleashed boys!”

Note: he is the biggest, most popular (by subscribers) WoWS influencer. (112000 Youtube, 11 k+ Twitter).

He also got mail that WG noticed 7 stat shaming cases, and this tweet:

Sources also tell that WG also warned CCs and Supertesters that they could not talk about the Flamuu kick from CC and also put this information on the NDA channel so that they could not talk about it.

His video about it:

9 thoughts on “WoWS: Flamu Removed from CC Program

  1. Flamu’s position as an influencer puzzles me.

    I play WoWs, and have watched several of his reviews and previews, which are informative and helpful, and the guy is quite honest and trustworthy when it comes to advising for or against ships, though he likes to dramatize like all YT personalities.

    What I do not understand though, is how obsessed his followers are. You’d think this were a cult given the way they behave, and that worries me a lot because it shows how much sway a single person can have on so many (see the numbers, my town has less inhabitants than the number of his YT followers).

    Also, for how good he is as a player, the guy’s toxic to unbearable levels when outside his “friendly YTber” persona (like, when he’s streaming live).

  2. 100% agree with you there, he is a good player and makes good guides on YouTube however he has this unbearably annoying persona about him which caused me to unsub and remove his channel from recommendations, I’d rather watch The Mighty Jingles, atleast his videos help you to fall asleep if you are struggling at night

  3. I’m not a heavy player but I do watch various CC on YouTube for guides and info. When I first started playing, he was the first CC I watched. He was very informative and his guides helped me learn more about the game. But the thing that annoyed me the most was that he was extremely bias against the US Server. I remember the many unprofessional comments he would make about several US server replays which is why I stopped watching him.

  4. So he violcated the CC rules and made it seem like they kicked him for his opinions instead? It worked for Foch as it was his followers that pulled that move, not Foch himself.

  5. I havent been able to stand flamu for quite a long time now. There are many other CCs and influencers i find much more informative and entertaining. I actually dont see much value in flamus content.

    1. or are you able to stand how WG has been treating the player base? Christmas container scam, CV rework, Deadeye, now rework on deadeye so BB captains have to spend gold to retrain those captains. His temper could be bad but his opinions are based on reasoning. He was standing up to WG on behalf of players.

  6. Let’s not forget WOW are not squeeky clean remember Flamu and others brought to light wargaming ripping us off numerous times, they absolutely don’t like being held to account, hence people banned from talking about flamu kicked, I’m uninstalling anyway it’s become boring CCs talk about it you can’t be ruled by WOW they are acting like Putin..

  7. This is a misleading article. I’ve watched three CC’s state live on twitch that they very well CAN talk about Flamu being given the boot. Many don’t now, because it’s either been discussed to death already, or they personally didn’t want to wade in to begin with. From what I could see, a great number of CC’s were not overly fond of him due to his toxicity, but a few did say beyond that, they didn’t mind him.

    Notwithstanding his removal from the program, he’s a big enough personality that it should affect him terribly.

  8. Looks like wargaming developers have a habit of attempting to silence their CCs no wonder so many of them left WoT Cc program might see that on WoWs now..who knows because of this they might end up like wot console and loose a very very large percent of their player base. Console lost 85% in one update and if wargaming keep doing this they may end up loosing alot of PC players too

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