Black Market 2021: “Nimmermehr” 3D style for 🇩🇪 E 50 Ausf M – Pictures

Icons and other UI elements from the Black Market have already been added to the game files.

Style treated as non-historical, valued at 5,000 gold.

Suitable for vehicles: E 50 Ausf M.


— Yeah, yeah, he knows it’s not pronounced this way. Sure, he might look like a typical gangsta, but it’s because he ain’t like no questions. He didn’t launch all those Black Markets on a whim, d’ya get it? Once he was a real family man, ya know? Had a normal job at the Institute, barbecues on weekends with his wife and daughter in the countryside. This accident might’ve never happened, wasn’t it for that heavy shower. Since then, he’s never believed that anything can change for good. He often sits in the corner reading his Poe through the whole night. He’s made a tank that just fits his mood. Anyway, don’t be offended. He don’t mean it. He might’ve been a bit sharp recently, but believe me, he know that it can’t rain forever…

14 thoughts on “Black Market 2021: “Nimmermehr” 3D style for 🇩🇪 E 50 Ausf M – Pictures

  1. Non-historical style…

    Excuse me, is this game turning into Need For Speed somehow with all the changes that are being tested?? 6 exhaust pipes????

    1. Hypocrisy is real with this playerbase…

      WG: OK here are some purely cosmetic stuff that don’t effect game balance and make us money allowing you to play the game for free.
      Playerbase: Why are you releasing skins….WAAAAAAAAAA

      1. Imagine, there are people with different opinions about the game. crazy right?

      2. What if you actually tried to understand the point of OP before posting sensational BS? He’s not complaining about WG actually starting to sell skins, which is truly great on its own right.

        He’s complaining about the fact that unlike the first styles, new ones are getting more and more unrealistic, and are thus gradually transforming the originally quite historical visuals of the game to an incoherent, arcadey mess. A thought I wholeheartedly agree with by the way.

        1. His point is irrelevant because WG included a “Disable non historical elements” option years ago. So when people whine about non historical stuff its just a giant smh moment.

          Its similar to how people bitch and moan about toxic players while never using the blacklist, mute player, chat settings, invite settings, etc.

          The features exist for players to use its just that they choose not to so they can bitch and moan or generate some drama.

      3. Every playerbase is the same. Grumpy people who complain about everything. I think I have to include myself in this …

      4. I think gungrave just misread.

        Still, an unhistorical camo therefore it can be toggled off. Not a big deal at the end of the day.

  2. this is the most beautifull 3d skin i ever saw… simple BLACK batman style… and gangsta style to ram them in style….

  3. Disgusting. Just incredibly ugly. WG go fuck yourself with your fantasy skins.

  4. This is £16 worth of pure beauty, if it truly is 5k gold. So unless it’s an auction and can go for less, it’s a no from me. Although I would love to have it.

  5. If you don’t like crazy skins, toggle off unhistorical, boom ez gg

  6. Stylish indeed,what i dislike is the fact that wg removed at least an entire layer (dirt and scratches, which make all tanks like they seen better dayz) may be the only CLEAN and brand new looking tank, create lore discrepancies..

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