WoT Update 1.12: Extended Battle Pass – More Info

A new currency, tokens, will be added to the Battle Pass. Similar tokens could be obtained during the 2020 Expedition, but now they will only be available at certain stages of the Battle Pass progression. They can be exchanged for vehicles and other valuable items in the new Items section for tokens in the in-game store;

Tier 9 reward tanks cost 5 tokens;
For one season of the Battle Pass, you can earn 6 such tokens (two tokens for each chapter). You will receive three tokens for completing the main progress, and you will get three more tokens by purchasing an Improved Battle Pass. You can find the tokens at certain stages of the pass:
Basic rewards: stages 5, 18 and 31;
Improved rewards: stages 11, 24 and 37.

You can only purchase 1 vehicle for completing one season of the Battle Pass;
Completing all three Seasons will be enough to earn the three reward vehicles and other items from the Token Items section of the in-game store;

There will be three seasons of the Battle Pass in 2021 (March, June, and September);
It is unknown if the price of items in the store will remain the same;

“To the South” medal awarded for completing all three chapters of the Battle Pass.

In addition to the award tanks (5 vehicles), you can buy:

100 bonds for 1 token (unlimited times);
2x Personal Reserves: + 50% more credits for 1 hour for 1 token (unlimited times);

This is not a complete list of items. When the Pass is introduced to the main server, more will appear.

How to get Tokens – Tokens are awarded for completing certain stages of the Battle Pass. You can also buy Stages and increase the total amount of chips you earn.
More Tokens – You can double the number of Tokens by purchasing an Improved Pass.
Item Availability – Token Items will be available until December 19, 2021. Any Tokens not used until the Store closes will be converted into bonds at the following rate: 1 Token = 100 Bonds.

Important: Battle Pass: Season 4 is only available for the Initial Test. The different characteristics and values ​​that will appear in the 2nd Public Test may differ from those in the final version. All Battle Pass rewards during this Public Test are for testing purposes and will be replaced with other rewards.

47 thoughts on “WoT Update 1.12: Extended Battle Pass – More Info

  1. gg well paied WG
    For fuck sack why give the free to play guys something, let them grind 2 Battle Passes for 1 freemium tank while the moneyboys get almost 2 -.-*

    1. I’ve funded getting all of the battle passes by playing tournaments to get gold. Maybe you should try that and stop complaining about not being able to afford gold, when you can win gold for free.

      1. Nah, tournaments are only a reliable source of gold for the few top players who can team up with other top players for a well-organised team. Most regular players who could’ve completed the Expedition stages last year with a certain amount of difficulty don’t really have a realistic chance at getting any gold for free, sadly

        1. Then you are the said people not knowing there are 1v1 tournament while you only need to be top 3 out of 6 to get gold with plenty of times 3 out of 6 are absent

          1. I don’t know about you, but many of us actually have real life activities such as a job, school, university, etc. Tournaments for 1vs1 are usually between 15:00 – 20:00, so are you implying that our first priority when we get home is not to cook dinner for our families or help our kids with their homework but rather throw ourself into a computer game? I’m done with most real life stuff at around 21:00, so which 1vs1 tournaments are there aviable then? Also, stop insulting people with the “not being able to afford”. Being able to and being willing to are two very different things. One can wonder if there isn’t better things to do with your monthly wage than to dump it into a computer game.

            1. I said nothing about whether you have the time to get things totally free. I just said u don’t need to have a team or to be a good player to get gold. It’s just a natural response seeing people demonize tournament as a “unicorn only” event. I insulted nobody but you are insulting me by putting me onto the target in your narrative. I don’t know what time zone u live in but there are tournaments for me to join at night or on weekends. So stop ur target shooting game.

            2. If you don’t have the time to invest in the game, then why do you think you should get a tonne of free stuff? Just how much of an entitled brat are you, exactly?

          2. I’m not sure whom you are bullcoping?

            Tournaments usually have 1000 players in

            And you need to win at least 10 battles from which last battles must be won in row…to get to position for gold.

            You spend at least 3 hours of your time and if you are super lucky you get in to 16th place to get 50 gold

            You get nothing for winning base group – You have to win playoffs

            You have to play meta tanks

            Spam full gold

            Pray to RNG god

            And hope enemy players are not using cheats… 😀

      2. Relax buddy!
        Think of it that way …. one has to spend gold now to get the tanks and that’s
        a fundamentally change compared to the old system and by the way I find it very hard to believe you “earned” the 20k gold for the last 3 battle passes by playing tournaments.
        no offense

      1. I have a job and I’ve spent decent amount of money on the game in the last year but even I think that since this is officially considered a free to play title, the difference between the improved BP and the regular one shouldn’t be 2 more tanks and 7-8 (!) more pieces of bounty p2w equipment. That’s just not right. And to make it so that you get 9 tokens f2p and you need 10 to get 2 tanks is hitting below the belt.

        1. But if there is no incentive to pay because you get everything for free, who will pay for the servers, game development, marketing and so on?
          F2p players still can get 1 of the tanks without paying anything. Sounds fair to me.

        2. I agree that free players should get more out of this; something like 2/3 seems a fairer ratio. All in all, though, I welcome these changes; so long Frontline and Steel Hunter, you shan’t be missed.

          1. 5 years ago or so you got nothing for free from WG. No premium tanks, no premium days, nothing. Today you have multiple events each year where you can get a dozen premium tanks and everything else (marathon, black market, tank rewards, Frontline… ) but f2p players still complain.

            1. 5000 years ago or so you had to make fire by rubbing some pieces of wood against each other. Today you can just get a lighter but people all over the world are still complaining…
              Just because something was worse before doesn’t make it good now. You’re pointing at the complaints just for the sake of them being complaints without actually understanding what they’re about. The issue here is not about getting stuff for free, it’s about the massive imbalance between F2P and P2P that is present in pretty much every aspect of this game and any decision that WG takes.

              1. People with money have an advantage over those without money? Welcome to life. Be a bit more thankful to the players who make it possible for you to play for free and stop whining that the world is unfair to you. If you want 2 tanks from battlePass, pay for it. If you don’t have the money, go and work for it. That’s how life works.

                1. I find it interesting that you draw the conclusion that I’m a F2P player just because I argue in the favour of a F2P player. Or maybe I’m just able to think outside of my own spectrum and show some compassion for others than myself?

                  1. Considering that those tanks are well above the normal T9 tank giving 3 or 4 for free seems to good and i agree. If i give you the 279e for 50€ ( i don’t know how much it will cost for the all 3 chapters ) you will have fun for a week and after you will quit the game.

                    Yeah i was a totally F2P a few years ago so i’m aware of some difficulties that F2P players have when they it the T9 / 10. Now if you are a casual player you can have T8 for “free” by marathon etc. Free means only no real money that doesn’t mean no time to spend inside the FFA.

        3. WG is a business out to make money so they need to make the prem content enticing to buy.

          Freemium players can’t have it both ways so open your wallet or don’t…there is no middleground.

          1. Then WG needs to stop marketing WoT as F2P game. If it is officially a pay to play title then I have no issues with the BP imbalance but it is not. Just like you say, WG can’t have it both ways. Either it is a F2P title and they find ways to make money without adding P2W into the game or they switch to being a pay to play game. League of legends make money without adding P2W into their game so it is not like it is impossible.

            1. They can market the game as FTP, because it is FTP.
              Extra content is not FTP unless WG decides to make it FTP.

              Now, if you play 1 hour a day, and expect to get end game content, then you are delussional.
              Beyond that, no one is forcing you to pay to get the t9 semi prem tanks, and none of them are game breaking/OP as all hell anyway.

              People that pay deserve to get more content, and no one in a Char 4/777/AE Phase 1 is going to have a better t9 then many t9 tech tree tanks are to begin with, the difference is the player.

              It is unreal that people actually think that they are entitled to other people’s work and investment.

              1. You can claim technicality all you want but the fact is that casual F2P players are extremely important for propping up the player base and once you lose those guys, the game will become extremely unfun for us paying customers. My main issue isn’t even the reward tanks but the bounty equipment which is straight up P2W and has no justification. With this BP, those with improved BP will get 9 pieces of bounty equipment while F2P might get 1 or 2 tops. Mind you until now, F2P players could get same or similar number.

                The horrible F2P experience will also detract new players from becoming paying customers. Imagine a person who just found the game and decided to give it a try. Well guess what, he will feel the disadvantage he is in and will absolutely hate the game. The game in the P2W state will not let him enjoy the game first where down the line he might decide to invest some money to increase his enjoyment even further. No, he will either just go “alt-F4” or he might realize he can actually start enjoying the game if he pays from the very beginning. The issue here is that most people won’t spend money on something they don’t know they will like or not.

      1. It’s 2 per stage, 6 total, if you buy the BP > 120% of a tank
        Free BP is 1 per stage, 3 total > 60% of a tank

        We don’t know yet how many battle passes there will be (I’m guessing three so 9/18 tokens), but those tokens expire on December 31

  2. Let the idiots pay us THE money… For real money, give them increased rewards – silver and premium days, but not tokens!

    Btw, may I know why the gun handling in my Strv S1 suks deep?!?!

    ALSO, Badaev and Barton were in the previous seasons! No more heroes for this nations or you are too lazy to dig in the past?! Go and read some historic books!!

  3. So, which reward tank can give me the most credits when I sell it???

    Is tanks.gg’s value accurate?

  4. I love how i grinded my ass of for these tanks. Now they add them for 5 tokens which allows me to get 500 bonds like wtf. Tier 8 tanks in the bond shop are valued at 8-10k bonds tier 10 tanks 12-15k so it makes since that tier 9 should be valued at something in the middle? hopefully the picture with the 5 tanks is showing 2 brand new tanks in that case it wont be a complete waste of time

    1. so according to mathematics u say that since tier 8 is 10 k bond and tier 10 is 15k bond… they have to put.. 12.500 bond a tier 9… so someone who get an imporved battles pass for 3 season gets 18 tokens since 1 tak is 12.500 bonds according to ur mathematics… 12.500 /5 is 2500 bond for a token… so 18 tokens are = 45000 bonds… u really think u will get 45k worth in bonds just because u think it fair? lol nothing is fair in the game man… 122 tm gold shot 299 penetration…. i mean close to a strv s1 tank destroyer… u still wanna talk about fair things here?

      1. i dont think i should get 45000k bonds. i just think 100 bonds per token is too low now if they gave 1000 bonds per token i wouldnt be too piss off

  5. I love how i grinded my ass of for these tanks. Now they add them for 5 tokens which allows me to get 500 bonds like wtf. Tier 8 tanks in the bond shop are valued at 8-10k bonds tier 10 tanks 12-15k so it makes since that tier 9 should be valued at something in the middle? The battle pass is complete crap now 3 new skins are trash

  6. This is good news if I understand this correctly. I can get two tier nine tanks for 1,000 bonds. Also the skins are shit too but what do you expect from WG.

  7. So F2P players can only get 9 tokens and you need 10 to get both reward tanks… that’s a bit low WG especially considering that previously you could get 2 for free if you completed all the stages. There better be some bounty equipment available for no more than 2 tokens…

  8. So AE, Object 777 and Char are still there, and they’re adding Kunze and K-91 TD to the roster.

    Well, there goes my money for Christmas I guess, but I’d rather be sure to get what I pay for over rolling gacha…

    Also, before anyone starts ranting – I have a job and other leisure activities, World of Tanks is not 100% my life. So if I can use some disposable income to buy stuff, let me.

    1. Only time people will criticize you for buying something in game is if its that stupid premium tank bundle pack they sell around November or December for like 1 grand.

  9. “I don’t want to spend money””I don’t want to be good””I don’t have the time””But I want the EXTRA Free stuff!” This virtual game actually brought out people’s naivety and stupidity.

  10. If you are a free to play good for you , BUT , you will be treated as a free to play. No more complains. Don’t you want someone else to farm credits for you and why not grind your stock tanks?

    1. If a “F2P” title takes P2W and P2P too far then it will lose all those F2P players that prop up the player base. Once that happens all servers will eventually become like LATAM servers and the game dies. As a paying customer, I don’t know about you but I don’t want to see this happen which is why I’m so strongly against this. This BP represents a major shift in WG’s marketing strategy where they are increasing the “milking” of the cow and if they take it too far the cow will die. Previously, tier 9 reward tanks could never be straight up bought like this. This is not counting the bounty equipment where I assume now F2P players will have to spend the tokens to get while with improved BP you will get 9(!) pieces just for completion. Again, I’m no longer a F2P player but I hate this change because it is one step closer to the cliff.

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