WoT: Account wipe permanently disabled

Due to unforeseen technical issues, we have been forced to disable account wipes in World of Tanks permanently.

All account wipe requests will be rejected.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Player Support

26 thoughts on “WoT: Account wipe permanently disabled

  1. This is such a stupid excuse because account wipes are literally just changing values back to the default starter position of a new account while you retain your purchased premiums.

    1. As much as i also hate rerolls and i agree some of them ruin the new player experience (alot of them need to play low tier to maintain high stats), this is really really stupid from Wargaming
      21st Century and i can’t reset my account if i want to? Thats hilarious

  2. Thanking me for my patience?.

    Patiently waiting for pretty much the worst possible bad news, IF I was waiting for some kind of result, the news is….I can’t HAVE a result??.

    And the bad news sounds pretty dodgey, WG are saying they cannot permanently delete a players data?.

    LOL dem (belo) russians are cray kray.

  3. Actually this is a problem created by xvm and could be solved easily by xvm (e.g. showing recent number in battle, or the value for the actual tank of the player). Its like retard.io in WoW.

    Instead of XVM doing something which is less than an hour work, WG could monetise the problem.

    1. You probably dont understand how recent wn8 is calculated. Instead of 1 record per player (to calculate overall wn8) you need 30 or 60 records per player (to calculate recent) in your database, that is a massive deal and that is why xvm will never show you recent, cause it would cost so much more money to keep 30x bigger database.

  4. Sorry for being thick but doesn’t this just mean that people will open multiple accounts instead of re setting their only account ?

    Don’t you just need another email address for a second/third/fourth account ? or am I not understanding ?

          1. I don’t think the wiki is a credible source, as it hasn’t been kept up to date. Furthermore second accounts are permitted.
            Ask WG-Employees if you don’t believe me.

    1. explain? i have 12 accounts on one server cluster, 5 on another.

      i have never reset an account. i just make new ones. i want to hear you explain how that affects me.

  5. There is a detail that is missing from all of you … It says WOT … When you want to restart a WOT account by default the account of all other games is restarted, WOWS, WOWP … Perhaps the only way that It remains to ask for a restart from those other titles … I found out about this in the stupidest way possible … I restarted my WOWS account and lost everything (Less premium tanks) in WOT …

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