World of Tanks: Charm Collection Coming Soon (Twitch Prime)

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Although the holiday season has come to a close, that doesn’t mean the festivities and surprises are over! Our joyful bash will go on, and we’re here to prolong your merry mood. Don’t miss out—a charming gift will be waiting for you in World of Tanks! Claim our exclusive Prime Gaming drop, the Charm Collection, from January 26 through February 18 to receive free cool gifts and extend the magical holiday season!

Redeem Our Instant Festive Gifts!

Our charming festive offer is stuffed with a bunch of free instant goodies, including a custom commander, Omelia Hayworth. Just as we say farewell to a messed up 2020, she’s joining the ranks of World of Tanks battle heroes, bringing joy and true winter spirit. Being the embodiment of festive cheer, this charming warrior comes with Sixth Sense (as a “zero perk”), Jack of All Trades, and Repair.

Omelia Hayworth

But that’s not all, folks! The Charm Collection also includes a dazzling “Kissing Bough” decal featuring Omelia and a brand-new “2020 Outbattled” inscription to make your vehicles stand out in the crowd.

“Kissing Bough” decal “2020 Outbattled” inscription

Finally, our festive drop contains:

   A spectacular “Charm” medal

 20 missions for x5 XP for a victory (only applicable after the daily first victory multiplier has been used)

     One (1) Day of WoT Premium Account

Grab them all and prolong the festivities!

Additional Selective Goodies

Along with a unique commander and other awesome stuff, our newest drop is stuffed with tons of additional free content, including four rental vehicles. You can choose two of the following items:

VIII VK 168.01 Mauerbrecher

A 10-day rental of the German Tier VIII heavy tank with the opportunity to purchase it in the Premium Shop at a 15% discount

VIII AMX Canon d’assaut 105

A 10-day rental of the French Tier VIII tank destroyer with the opportunity to purchase it in the Premium Shop at a 15% discount

VII Panther/M10

A 10-day rental of the German Tier VII medium tank with the opportunity to purchase it in the Premium Shop at a 20% discount

VI Type 64

A 10-day rental of the Chinese Tier VI light tank with the opportunity to purchase it in the Premium Shop at a 30% discount

Missions for ×5 XP (×5)

Chocolate consumables (×10)

REMINDERYou need to link your Prime Gaming account to your account to claim your cool free goodies. A Prime Gaming membership is required.

How to Redeem Your Gifts

To receive the two optional items of your choice, claim the Charm Collection and enter the game client to get your instant gifts via the standard congratulatory window. To redeem additional picks, head to the Depot and click on the Offers tab.

Redeem both items immediately or pick them up individually at any time while the Charm Collection is available.

If you claim all the available items from the list, this offer will no longer be available in the Offers tab. If you no longer have active offers, the Offers tab won’t be displayed in your Depot. If you already have the vehicles offered for rental in your Garage, they won’t be available to claim.
If you followed all steps, but still didn’t get the gift items, please relink your Amazon account and log in to the game.

7 thoughts on “World of Tanks: Charm Collection Coming Soon (Twitch Prime)

  1. Another lame decal that will not be on my tank or to be able to sell. The same goes for inscription. Let’s get something more historical from the ww 2. Era . Also better tanks to choose from. Why so many female commanders lately?

  2. so most tankers are male and enjoy maybe female commander – you gay? most of the battlepass commanders had been male. so its ok, not? and who cares in an action arcade tank shooter if all is correct? and pinups are for sure little “Hans” had in his spind.

  3. This is a reasonable way to purchase Descent Commander + x5 Experience + Premium Tank Rental. In fact, the reward is not very attractive to veterans who have played the game for a long time, but I think it’s a good deal for beginners because of the chip premium tank rental.

    But this prime event have a bad prem tanks list. Mauer… the fastest way for make peoples hate german heavy.

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