WoWS ST 0.10.0, addition of Jurua

The Pan-American destroyer Jurua and Boitata permanent camuflage for her are added to the game.

Tier VI Pan-American destroyer Jurua, with the same parameters as Gallant has, and Boitata permanent camouflage with special in-battle visual effects are added to the game.

Please note that all information in the development blog is preliminary. Announced adjustments and features may change multiple times during testing. Source: WoWS Devblog.

6 thoughts on “WoWS ST 0.10.0, addition of Jurua

  1. This travesty is way worse than any of the clown camos or those 3D skins with the stupid AA batteries on them in WoT. Why does the playerbase allow the devs to release something like this?

    1. Why does the playerbase allow the devs to release something like this?

      Since when does the playerbase dictate what the devs should make?

        1. They do, though WoWs is less demanding than WoT when it comes to free stuff. We’ve had plenty of free premiums that most players could obtain – you COULD buy them for some additional bonus (usually in-game resources and cosmetic stuff, never pay2win shit like in WoT), but with the free stuff it’s often better to just suffer some grinding.

          I expect Jurua to be the same deal – a temporary campaign to obtain it for free.

    2. As a Brazilian, I agree. This camouflage is ridiculous. They took a Brazilian legend (Boitatá is a giant fire snake that protects the forest against hunters and woodcutters) and made a boat worthy of the Carnival parades. It would be like make a camo for a British ship by placing a huge teapot in the place of the gun turret.

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