Update 1.11.1: “Kaiju” 3D style for the 🇯🇵 Type 5 Heavy – Pictures

Style treated as historical, valued at 5,000 gold. More pictures will be available soon.

Description: Brave warriors! The day we’ve been preparing for our whole lives is coming. Tomorrow begins the battle that will engrave our names in eternity. Today, we decide who remains in the memory of their descendants. Our ancestors are looking down on us and they expect us not to muddy our people’s honor with shame. Charge into battle decisive and unrelenting! And when you face your enemy, forget mercy, for a true Kaiju feels no sorrow, forgives no mistakes, and shows no weakness.

Source: rykoszet

14 thoughts on “Update 1.11.1: “Kaiju” 3D style for the 🇯🇵 Type 5 Heavy – Pictures

  1. Adding more junk to the tank doesn’t make it look better. It makes it look like a junk dealer’s truck and not a tank.

  2. the bottom part looks good, but why the f*** they always add some stuff at or above the turret like flak or mg? this is so annoying

    1. And “kaiju” 🤣 yes this tank so called “godzilla”, but scary kaiju are shredded by 340mm heat. How funny 🤭

  3. Everything is good but why adding those annoying shit on the roof? I am not using Jpz and Maus 3D skin, when i am zoomed closer in 3rd person mode it blocks my view… So annoying and unreal.
    And hiding weakspots with 3D skins is so wrong. Not this tank, it’s a big weakspot for heat shells, but overal, tanks are having some weird stuff on it.

  4. How to make this Heavy scary and be balanced.. Cause lets be honest its shit right now.. as it lacks a gun.

    15cm gun: HE damage Standard Shell 1300 alpha, 110 HE pen, 900 shell travel distance, 15cm gun: Premium type Heat Shell: 900 alpha, 250 pen, 700 Travel distance.. (think of a Cromwell derp)

    14cm gun: AP damage Standard Shell: 700 alpha, 249 AP pen, 1100 travel distance, 14cm gun: Premium type AP Shell: 700 alpha, 315 AP Pen, 900 travel distance.

    Armor: Ports, gun-port become 210mm and 230mm plates, corner plates drop from 270 to 250 to 240,
    Turret Armor, 270 turret front becomes 310-340mm, gets a gunmanlet of spaced armor of 100mm, Type 5s copula becomes 230 to 240mm. Type 5s ears are a weakness BTW.. not many know about them..

    Let me know what you think now its now a kv5 at tier 10 (Littered with weakpoints) and has a derp gun choice that’s now better then the kv2.

    1. Let just add some space armor plate to the turret to reduce the effective pen of the heat round. Problems solved.

      Maus and E100 need it too.

      1. Im adding in weakpoints lol and Making the corners weakpoints too but giving back its gun too.. And the type 5 has no gun lol the 15cm is a lesser derp and the 14cm is trash..

  5. HOW MUCH TRAAAASH can we pile onto it… god
    This has nothing to do with a Kaiju! why not make it a 3D style with godzilla scales or whatever – or blue ammo shots (atomic breat) or just ANYTHING

    This is just “lets strap shovels and chains and flak guns on it”
    which is nonsense. except actual flak tanks nobody did that and its idiotic and clutters your vision and gives the enemy more indicators what you do and whatnot…….

    ugh i want to throw up

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