Happy New Year! (New TAP Hosting Announcement)

Thank you for being here the whole of 2020. May the next year bring us all joy, health, wisdom and peace of mind.

I would like to announce that the site will undergo maintenance for a while starting January 1, so do not be scared if entering it won’t work; it is only temporary – check it again later. I’m changing the host to a better one (and for the ones of you going down the path of self-hosting, NEVER use Bluehost; document yourselves first). Will change the hosting to Cloudey. I’m doing this for 2 reasons:

-500 internal server error when there is too much traffic;
-TAP randomly going down these past 2 months, for several hours, those hours being peak hours.

The main goal here is making sure the site works smoothly, especially when the next Black Market arrives. See you all in the next year, with hopefully articles every day.

PS: also installed a different dark mode plugin, please tell if it works well or if I should revert back to the previous one.

22 thoughts on “Happy New Year! (New TAP Hosting Announcement)

    1. wordpress.com does not allow you to use better ad services than wordads (and was stuck with 150 dollars a month for 2 years cause of that). Avoid anything from EIG. Chose Cloudey based on reddit recommendations.

  1. Hello, this dark theme works better for me (the previous had shown some issues with tank photos), thanks for the work done and have an happy new year.

  2. dark mode good, let it flow through you and entice the full powa of the dark side!

      1. Whenever i enter TAP now i see dark theme. Is it now dark by default and will it stay the same way in the future?

  3. Sure it’s not WG closing you down? You have loads of WG forum moderators dictating things here…anyway, happy new year!

      1. You like huffing Aurolac? I do, it’s a cheap high! Been using it ever since my days in the Bucharest metro. Macarena is till there i think.

        1. Aurolac culture isn’t big in my corner of the country. I already am addicted to the computer, don’t need something else haha

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