GSOR 1008: APCR shell penetration issue

The new premium tank destroyer has an interesting feature that has never been noticed before.

We are talking about the armor penetration with special APCR ammo (APDS Kl / 14). Almost all shells in the game, except HEAT and HE, have a reduced armor penetration depending on the distance traveled by the shell. In the game, this distance is between 50 and 500 meters. The maximum armor penetration, even for sub-caliber shells, does not drop by more than 60 mm among all tanks in the game. In the case of the GSOR 1008, the penetration of the APCR shell may decrease by 101 mm depending on the distance.

Average armor penetration with an AP shell: 226-211 mm.
Average armor penetration with an APCR shell: 321-220 mm (depends on distance: 50-500 m).

When firing a shot up to 250 meters away from the enemy, the armor penetration can drop to ~ 270 mm. RNG should also be taken into account, as it affects the penetration by +/- 25%. Ultimately, it all significantly affects the ability to penetrate the opponent, and it is worth taking into account when shooting at more distant targets.

10 thoughts on “GSOR 1008: APCR shell penetration issue

  1. That’s how they balance it out, simple as that. Want to have godlike gold pen? Go close combat. Want to snipe with gold only? Eat kaku

          1. He was thinking of the T78 and got that mixed up with the medium.

            On a sidenote…anyone who snipes with American autoloaders(T69, T77, T54E1, T57 Heavy) should just uninstall the fucking game.

  2. Looks like wg tries to balancing gsors long range snipe aspects. Well however, apcrs base pen is damn good, so after some pen reduced, it still similar pen compared with other t8 clip tanks.

    of course, this issue make problem that gsor will have struggling against good armor ht(like vk10001p) at long range, but gsor have a ok on the close combat because turret speed is fine. even Considering this issue, i think gsor are still good lootbox tank.

  3. never been noticed before? lol. people know it from day 1.
    it was even mention in the forum multiple times from day 1 on.
    it’s a important balancing factor for this tank. otherwise it would be op.

  4. Is it just the GSOR that get’s this hidden nerf or do other tanks with high pen APCR have this as well?

  5. I can tell you of a hidden buff to a medium…

    T54 gains 119mm extra penetration when player switches to gold ammo, using the best gun.

    119mm EXTRA PEN! in a MEDIUM!.

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