Update 1.11: ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น Carro da Combattimento 45t โ€“ Changed Stats

Carro da Combattimento 45t. Statistics with crew at 100%:

Engine: 720 hp ย  800 hp
Power-to-weight: 16,0 hp / tย ย  17,78 hp / t
Terrain resistance values: 0,9 / 1,2 / 2,3ย ย  0,8 / 0,9 / 1,8

16 thoughts on “Update 1.11: ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น Carro da Combattimento 45t โ€“ Changed Stats

  1. Yeah, after the K-91 TD, clearly the next buff target was to be another reward tank LOL

  2. Clan war Reward tank = for hardcore wot player = which mean this guys use quite money in the game. Sure, sure Wg doesn’t want to miss these kinds of players. So wg trying to make there goal.

    If there is no goal of this “whale” playeres, they eventually leave the game, and last of other players didnt use much money on the game. wg dont care about casual “Scaffolding” players.

    1. If the game developer doesn’t care about the casual player, the game gradually loses the new player. This makes competition between top-tier players more difficult and tiring. Think about it, at 1 a.m., in the Standard battle, everyone plays a powerful Clan War Reward tank. At this moment, “powerful clan war Reward tank” have a zero value. How funny. XD. This would have happened in the closed Korean server or Vietnamese server.

      Many mobile games disappear in the same form. Of course, there are new games coming up, and they only take whale players and start dying slowly again. They knew they will die, but doesn’t care and make money as possible before die. Money, money, money. Money is the cause of all the problems. Because the company wants to make money. Hooray for capitalism!

      1. Arguably the game retains more casual players than the amount of skilled players it loses. Many skilled players(me included) have become fed up with the constant 3 arty games and yolospotting EBR players. If you play heavies you get shit on by arty, if you play any LTs other than EBRs you’re basically a detriment to the team.

        Beyond the class issues the game has so many other issues like a clusterfuck interface in the garage which is information overload for any new players. I for one hate the garage interface we have now since there is too much shit on screen and many of the menus aren’t optimized. I still think WG hired a bunch of mobile game dev retards to work on the garage menus over the years because it shows.

    2. LOL, how salty can you tomatoes can be? I’m a casual as f*ck player and haven’t spent a dime on the game since I learned about tournaments (2 years ago); before that I only spent cash very sparsely to buy some gold for resetting crew skills and demounting equipment (hooray for demounting kits), and a couple good premium tanks to print credits (waaay back in the day, JTiger88 was the way to go). All of the rest of premiums I got are from tank rewards, completing events, Black Market and purchasing them with tournament gold, which I also use to buy premium time. All in all, pretty much F2P.

      And guess what? I got the Chieftain just by joining a decent clan (top 50) and playing battles for it. Because I got enough fame points I didn’t have to bid for it, just pay the base 4k bonds. I also got into bronze league in Ranked and got the Kpz 50t, just by playing casually. And I did all of that just by being a GOOD ENOUGH player.

      So yeah, you salty-ass argument falls apart. You don’t need to be a harcore player or spend tons of cash to get the good reward tanks, you just need enough SKILL and UNDERSTANDING of how the game works. Hell, I even had low-skilled clanmates who got the Chieftain just by saving up bonds and bidding for it. But if you keep that shitter mindset and blame WG for all of your shortcomings, guess you’ll never get close enough to EARN one of these tanks.

      Tank looks interesting, I might rejoin my old clan and have a run for it. By saving up like 40k bonds I don’t need to bother getting into the Alley of Fame this time, just show up at the auction.

      1. Bronze League of Ranked? I’m a good played, but it’s impossible to progress past Division 3 with all gold ammo cheaters and stupid chevrons system.

        1. Kek then you are not good player. U don’t have excuses as cw and reward tanks in the game. Everything can be penned and dealt with easily.
          Btw i can understand frutration but u have to change mindset when playing ranked. Be more brave but not too brave. And be more selfish.
          It’s not hard. If you have bad streak then stop playing for 1-2 hours. Aldo, you should play competitive tanks like wz 5a, 60tp (conq is not that good tbh), ebr, 13 105, t100 sometimes, leo 1, 140, e4… Arta sometimes but arta can be either supereasy or superhard to get chevrons with.

        2. Using gold ammo isn’t cheating as its part of the game. Its also how the economy of the game earns WG money. Its one of the methods where WG burns credits out of the game thus enticing players to buy premium content. The other methods FYI being prem consumables and casuals doing poorly in tier 8+.

      2. Do you have a chiffen tank? I have it, too. And I have 907 and 7201. I also completed the 279e mission. My recent league record is Gold. I usually buy all new premium tanks when they come out (excluding trash). And frankly, I enjoy full gold ammo. I played this game around 30000 battle, my overrall win8 is almost 2400. But my winrate is not that good, because i
        Enjoy heavy play and i play game for huge damage.

        I exaggeratedly described it as a “whales” player, but the moment someone spends money on a basic free game, the player is no longer casual. You said yourself that you used “some” gold and cash in the game. Congratulations. You’re a loyal customer of wg, too. And you’re never a casual player. Real casual players are people who don’t spend money on games and only play below t8 tanks. They rarely use a t10 tank in the garage. Of course, they can’t dream of a Clan war. These players give you the relative satisfaction of “skills.”

        I’m not talking about p2w. You’re right. Skill is also important in this game. But what I’m worried about is that the number of players is getting smaller. I’ve been through this a lot before. I live in Asia and there are fewer gamers here, so competition is actually getting harder on Asian servers. Maybe North American servers are similar.

        I also know that there is a problem with the tank in the text. However, exclusive Clan compensation tanks, useless Silver ammo, and the harsh game economy that induces payments (if you don’t use premium or premium tanks, you’re always poor). Many problems with the same game prevent new players from settling in this game. Wg should change the game to be more friendly. But the company wants to make money, so they can’t be changed.

        1. Additional, “Time” is an important commodity for someone, just like cash. Many of the activities you show off consume that much time instead of money. Why on earth do you think of yourself as casual when you work so hard on your Clan activities and marathons and black markets? It doesn’t make sense, my friend.(I personally prefer to buy time with money.Like a mobile game.)

          Therefore, no matter how much money you save, you are subordinate to wot and always a potential customer of wg.

          And it’s good to be proud of your skills, but always be humble. There are many talented players in this old community like this. They don’t show off their skills first, but they won’t stay still if someone as proud as you look down on someone else. Keep it this in your mind, Bronze.

          1. Lol, keeping the salt levels high uh? Don’t compare me with the likes of you, please. Think I tryhard on Clans and Tank marathons? BITCH PLEASE. I’ve only been in 4 clans in all the 7 years I’ve been playing the game, and only 1 of those was a “competitive” one that I got invited by a friend for the Dawn of Industry campaing, and left it after the event was over because I can’t be bothered to fullfill quotas. Total time in the clan? Less than 2 months. Also, when I was talking about events I meant those missions back in the day that allowed you to get the E-25 or the Su-100Y for free. I have enough of a life to not bother with those tank marathons timesinks.

            I never bragged about my “skill” (unlike you), I said I was GOOD ENOUGH and knew how to play the game to get the free rewards without investing time nor money. If you’re a gold whore and waste tons of cash, be my guest. I don’t need to.

            You are right about time, tho. Time is a huge commodity and not many people can’t dedicate lots of hours to the game. I only play 10-15 games on a good day, before I get bored or do something else, thats why I said I’m a casual player.

            My point, which all the salt in your system prevented you from noticing, is that YOU DON’T NEED TO WASTE TONS OF CASH NOR HOURS OF YOUR LIFE TO EARN THE REWARD TANKS. You just need enough skill, set some realistic goals and use your time wisely. I’m just a decent player that learned how the game works and how to get stuff for free, not the WG slave that you picture in your fever dreams. And after all the stuff you said, it would seem that the WG loyal costumer/subordinate it’s you…

            But if I’ve noticed something about people like you who fill the comment section of this site with salty-ass rants, is that you guys love to talk shit about whatever WG does BUT STILL keep playing the game and dumping tons of cash in it, like you blatanly bragged about. You guys are like crack whores who love talking crap about the drug while smoking it. Have some self respect, damn.

  3. You know this tank is still bad even with that buff, right ? It’s an heavy-but-not-that-armored progetto with a hard-to-burst autoreloader shotgun. Armor is poor against HE (mantelet side is only 80mm) and full of WS (like the lower corners of the mantelet, 230mm flat and impossible to angle, or the turret side).

    Yeah, DPM is better than progetto, but with that dispersion and aimtime, good luck to touch anything…

    1. Everyone cries how unbalanced chieftain and co are. Now people cry about a balanced tank with actual weaknesses. Power creep went on for too long so I’m happy that WG actually changed. Most likely too little and too late but at least they changed it. Next step would be making certain other tanks more balanced but we all know this will never happen.

      1. No, this tank is not even decent, stat wise it is plain bad, even with the buff. You can’t do what a progetto does best, and your supposedly advantage against the regular, armor and DPM cannot be used at full potential because of too many flaws.

        I agree of the actual stop of powercreep but as always, WG is doing half the job because abominations like 279(e) and Chieftain still exists. Look at all the new tech branchs after Swedmed : Manticore is trash-tier, ST-II is meh tier (worse IS7), CS63 is nobody-give-a-flying-fuck tier and Rinoceronte on its current state is going to be trash/bad too. So playerbase keep playing their good ol’ regs because “refreshing” mecanics can’t stand a chance against stat effectiveness.

        1. Manticore would benefit from better on the move camo I think. Right now its more of a situational tank that people play as a sniper given how every match has 2 to 3 EBRs.

        2. Maybe you are right but if WG reads there famous stat it will be buffed at some point. But balancing a tank based on Super Test – Common Test is rather hard i can imagine that. So we will see how it actually performs on the real servers. It will perform probably not as good as 907 or chieftain but I can here the cries already. And good players will make it work.
          Besides you forgot the abonimations EBR and stun mechanics which also still exist and will not be changed at all. Manticore is trash because EBR dominates every light except maybe LT. ST II well that was easy to expect that it will be trash ;). And CS made it into CW meta. Cant be bad then.

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