Update 1.11: 🇩🇪 Pz.Sfl. IC – Changed Stats

Note: it also got a 3 round autoloader with 2 seconds between shots and a complete reload time of 9.59 seconds.

Rate of fire: 27,21   13,25 rounds/minute
Damage per minute: 1 905   927
Aiming time: 1,5 s   2,0 s

20 thoughts on “Update 1.11: 🇩🇪 Pz.Sfl. IC – Changed Stats

  1. Is it just me, or this is a MASSIVE nerf? That DPM looks awful… So it became a new free garage slow for many. Good job WG…

    1. Autoloader dpm tends to be miles behind normal single shot guns, at least for balanced vehicles cough progetto 46

        1. Dont argue semantic, the point was it has the same kind of dpm if not better than all the rest of the tier 8 meds while having auto loading clip capabilities.

          Theres a reason why it’s broken and that’s 90% of it

  2. I was almost happy for a decent low-tier autoloader that’s not frog or burger.
    Of course, WG, of course.

  3. What in the fuck is this? Total horse shit tank. I half expected something decent for once. My mistake. Give it another 3 shots then maybe. It’s paper thin and doesn’t have a turret. Now doesn’t have any DPM. Dipshits

  4. DPM halved one day before release ROFLMAO

    Ok sure it has a 3-round autoloader now but… really?? XD

    This is so sad it’s actually funny, clearly WG’s policy is that free tanks must be trash for them to qualify as “free of charge”.

  5. T-34 one tier higher hat a base reload of 2.3 sec with a turret and some armour.
    Thats all there is to say.

  6. What a stunt. Nerfing it from 2.2 sec reload to a 3 shell clip with 2 sec intra clip reload and nearly 10 sec clip reload while they also nerf the aimtime.

    I understand that some nerfs was needed as it was way too good for a gift. But thats way too much.

    Why they anyway put an autoloader on that vehicle? It is totally fictional and was never meant to be an autoloader nor the prototypes was build that way.

    They should have increase the aimtime to 1.8 sec and make the reload something between 3 to 3.5 secs. But now they reduced the DPM by more than a half.

    1. The reason I think that they made it an autoloader is because otherwise it would be a Marder 38T with a turret. “Too OP” while the Marder isn’t that good these days.

      1. This TD has no turret at all. And you can also make it an autoloader without turning the vehicle into absolut garbage. Actually thats what they did here. They not even improved the stabilisation after firing which would be important for that autoloader with 2 sec intraclip and this horrible DPM. Now. I’m very disappointed. WG can’t show reasonable ballancing again and fucked up the tank badly.

  7. Personally I never play low tiers, but regardless I’m glad to see seal clubbers ain’t getting a new toy. If you need overpowered tanks to beat new players at that tier, shame on you!

    1. Nobody talks about overpower tanks or toys, we talk about a tank that was nerfed into oblivion for no reason. They should just make it a bit worse than tech tree tanks, but not what they did with that tank. However its WG, they are not that good in reasonable balancing.

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